AirBaker Vacuum Storage Bags

Another highly recommended vacuum storage bags by AirBaker. There are eight pieces of storage bags with 3 different sizes ranging from small to jumbo. By using these bags, people can easily reduce original volume by up to 80% for pillows & comforters and 60% for blankets, sweaters, and clothes. The bags will provide airtight seal with 100% quality assurance as it has dual zip seal & three-layered turbo controllers for keeping all the air out.

AirBaker Vacuum Storage Bags

It is worth mentioning that the manufacturers of these storage bags claim the responsibility for leakages in general use. The AirBaker vacuum storage bags can work perfectly with different domestic vacuum sealers & allow users to vacuum storage the rarely used items easily and securely.

AirBaker Vacuum Storage Bags Review:

These durable and travel vacuum storage bags are suitable for storing comforters, mattresses, pillows, and blankets. As mentioned earlier, that the bags are available in different sizes so people can use them at their convenience. The bags are puncture-resistance & can also work at very low temperatures. Therefore, based on the requirements of end-users, the bags will offers utmost performance and functionality. Made of top-quality PE +PA, the AirBaker vacuum storage bags are indeed a great option for long-term storage & classification preservation.

AirBaker Vacuum Storage BagsAirBaker Vacuum Storage Bags

The asymmetric design of the bag will create an airtight and secure seal in order to provide a better protection.


  • Ensure that people will have extra space
  • Enable people to keep the stored items fresh and clean
  • Completely airtight & offer 100% quality warranty
  • It is available with a free hand pump
  • Works perfectly
  • Heavy duty
  • Highly recommended for home storage
  • Travel-friendly