Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens

It is a great and highly famous form of notebook paper that is specially designed for fountain pens & mostly sold in sets of individual sheets of open paper. Users can store the loose-leaf paper in a folder or binder. Moreover, it is extremely common when it comes to taking notes during meetings or classes.

It features lines that give an organized system for recording. However, the loose-leaf paper is not good for artwork or drawing even though few artists are using it for sketching out various ideas. It is a well-known fact that due to technological advancements it has become easy to create & store documents or notes on different electronic media for instance smartphones, tablets, laptops, & desktops.

But, there are several benefits of using loose-leaf paper as well especially for business communications & records. And now most students prefer buying loose-leaf papers as they can easily keep the notes together while removing pages whenever required.

Top 2 Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens:

Keeping the importance of loose-leaf paper in mind, the article will share the valuable information about the 2 best loose leaf paper for fountain pens currently available. So, continue reading the article

1. Tomoe River FP Loose Sheet

Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain PensBest Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens

The Tomoe River Loose-leaf paper is famous due to its thinness and smooth texture. This loose- leaf paper is highly recommended for fountain pens along with other writing tools. It is vital to mention that at around 52 gsm, the delicate and thin loose-leaf pages are specially designed for reducing bulk. In spite of its thinness, the Tomoe River is extremely reliable. Furthermore, the sheets are also resistant to feathering and bleed-through while handling a range of inks. Due to being acid-free, the Tomoe River is good for fountain pen lovers and for those who are passionate about writing. In short, this product proves that a loose leaf paper can be both top-quality and thin.

Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens


  • Pages are very smooth
  • Lightweight
  •  Has amazing ink properties
  •  Eco-friendly
  • Available in 2 colors cream & white
  • Fountain pen friendly
  • Gives writing a very crisp and bold look

2. Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper-Sarasara 

Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain PensBest Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens

As compared to Kokuyo shikkari loose-leaf paper, the Kokuyo Sarasara is extremely famous especially in the USA and Japan as well. The paper is very smooth, therefore, the nib of the fountain pen glides perfectly over the surface. For daily use such as writing letters and notes with a standard fountain pen, the Kokuyo Campus Sarasara loose-leaf paper works nicely.

As mentioned earlier that this loose-leaf paper is a little smoother therefore, it will serve the best purpose for those who love writing with a minimal amount of pressure. Just like Kokuyo Shikkari loose-leaf paper, it is also resistant to bleed-through and feathering. Furthermore, the paper has around 26 holes with 9.7mm dotted rule spacing.  The best product for all those who always want perfection when it comes to note-taking


  • Best for fountain pens
  • Smooth and thin
  • Premium quality paper
  • Great paper without any type of bleed-through while using fountain pens

FAQS: Answered the Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens

Selecting the best loose-leaf paper for fountain pens is a little tough because the top-quality loose leaf paper will allow writers to realize the potential of ink used & fountain pens thus, giving a new direction to pen and paper.

How to Select the Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens?

It is advised to consider the following factors while buying the best loose-leaf paper in order to get the desired outcomes.

Color of the Paper

No doubt, clean & crisp white paper is considered best for the majority of fountain pens however, loose leaf paper is also available in cream color that is easy on the eyes. It is vital to remember that brightness of the white loose-leaf paper can vary a lot across manufacturers. To let ink show the true color, it is better to go with white loose leaf paper.

Show & Bleed Through

Writers can face the problem of bleed-through whenever they select the loose-leaf paper that is thinner & too absorbent. Or even when the ink of the fountain pen is mostly dry. Likewise, the level of show-through always depends upon the opacity of the loose-leaf paper. It is recommended to buy the thicker loose leaf paper for preventing show & bleed through.

Sheet Style

The best loose-leaf paper for fountain pens also comes in a wide variety of sheet styles from the grid to blank & lined. The best sheet style is surely the one that allows you to keep the writing straight. Thus, select wisely for better outcomes.

Dry Time

Usually, the dry time of the ink depends upon the absorbency capacity of the selected loose-leaf paper. But, there is another problem, a loose-leaf paper that is extremely absorbent will be a little rough to write on. Therefore, it is necessary to create a perfect balance between writing smoothness and minimal dry-time.

What are the Few Qualities of the Best Loose Leaf Paper?

While making a buying decision, writers can consider the following characteristics of the best loose-leaf paper.

  • Safe
  • Eco-friendly
  • User & pocket –friendly
  • Cost-effective

Final Thoughts

 In the end, it can be concluded that the best loose-leaf paper is quite famous among writers and students all around the world due to several good reasons. The loose-leaf paper’s origin has an interesting and historical happening since that dates back to 1913 & since then this type of paper is holding a top position.

The best loose-leaf paper is specially designed to remain orderly and clean. No doubt, if used properly, the loose-leaf paper will give more professional & neat appearance to assignments or other important works.  Currently, the majority of the students love to buy the best loose-leaf paper because the paper will keep the notes together & intact thus, saving a lot of time. Keeping all these factors in view, the best loose-leaf paper is surely the best product for fountain pens.