Best Chair Mats for Heavy Person

It is a well-accepted fact that chair mats are important because they can protect the office floors from scratches while helping you to keep the cabin clean. The best chair mat is considered as one of the perfect solutions for keeping the surface clean and smooth. Moreover, it helps in maintaining a specific level of the chair directly from the bottom surface on which the majority of the people spend their whole working day.

Chair mats also help heavy people to move easily & glide with the chair securely while standing up or sitting down. So, if the readers are among those who are exerting much effort or energy in moving around the office chair especially on the carpeted surface because of the body weight then, it is better to buy the best chair mat to make life easy.

In addition to having best chair mats, we also have reviewed the best chairs for large person so that you can get the maximum benefit of coming here and get a full on experience.

Why do you need a chair mat in the first place:

you may have seen people struggling to move their office chairs on carpet, this is one of the biggest reasons to use a chair mat. other then this, the chair wheels are tough in nature (to make them more durable) but the down side of it is it can damage your floor specially if it is wooden or any other sensitive material.

Now coming to people who are heavier, this may impose more damage to the floor. Another feature of the chair mat is, it saves the tile floor from scratches of the wheels, as you move around. 

Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person

What should be the thickness of the chair mat for heavy people:

What should be the thickness of the chair mat for heavy people:

We need to understand that the thickest will not serve the purpose if the accompanying material is not good, the average thickness ranges from 1/8th of an inch up to ½ inch. When we select the best mats list, we take care of many aspects to give you the best choices, our considered features are mentioned below in the buyer’s guide.

Reviewed: The Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person

It is always good to take some precautionary measures beforehand & spread the best chair mat in order to prevent mishaps. So, if you are planning to get the best chair mat then, continue reading the article as it will give the required information regarding the worth of buying chair mats for heavy persons currently available.

1. Marvelux Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat

Marvelux Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat

No doubt, Marvelux is the best and popular brand that offers heavy-duty & durable polycarbonate chair mats. This particular chair mat is also long-lasting & made of top-quality material in order to protect the standard, medium, or low pile carpets. It gives a great grip to help prevent unforeseen damage to the floors or carpets. It is good for the carpets having a thickness of 0.5”. Moreover, it will serve the best purpose for underfloor heating due to being heat & sound absorbent.


  • Durable & top-quality chair mat
  • Reduce leg pain and fatigue due to smooth glide
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-toxic
  • High-impact strength
  • Family-friendly & long-lasting performance

2. Office Marshal Chair Mat for Hard Floors

Office Marshal Chair Mat for Hard Floors

The best product for all those who are looking for the mat for both hard floors and carpet. As compared to some other conventional chair mats, the Office Marshal Chair mat is a little thick. This chair mat is considered an eco-friendly option when it comes to floor protection. Furthermore, the mat is made from pure recycled pet then, people can use it easily to reduce the carbon footprint while maintaining the brand’s standard of floor protection.

Currently, Office Marshal is the only licensed anti-static mat to help heavy persons in a better way. The surface texture of the Office Marshal mat will let the chair to move around easily.


  • Stable grip
  • Effortless roll
  • Durable and transparent
  • Best solution of floor protection while safeguarding the surroundings  
  • Phthalate and BPA free
  • High impact resistance
  • Ergonomic design

3. DoubleCheck Products Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat  

DoubleCheck Products Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat

Another great product for thick, medium, or low pile carpets, the DoubleCheck heavy duty chair mat is surely a way to-go option. It also comes under the category of the famous chair mat which is not just durable but also eco-friendly. It is specially made from a polycarbonate material which is scratch or breakout resistant.

Additionally, the DoubleCheck chair mat is also transparent, it simply means that users will have better and clear visibility of floor. In short, it is indeed a long-lasting, durable, and sturdy chair mat.


  • Perfect grip backing
  • Highly transparent
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smooth wheel ride
  • Prevent sinks or cracks

4. MuArts Thickest Chair Mat  

MuArts Thickest Chair Mat

A highly recommended product for those who are more concerned about quality. It is worth sharing the MuArts thickest chair mat will never disappoint the people because of the features and other noticeable things. This chair mat proves to be the sturdiest and thickest out there in a marketplace.

It is made from a soft and heavy material thus, users can fix in place covering the floor simply without even moving along with a wheeled chair. Moreover, it has superb characteristics for greater durability.


  • Recommended for a range of floors
  • Heavy-duty thus, good for traffic areas
  • Transparent
  • Protect the floors from damage
  • For optimal strength, it has PVC phthalate-free construction

5. Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat

Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat

The last product on this list is a Lorell Tempered glass chair mat that is capable of bearing pressure without causing any kind of breakage. It is made from a highly durable and top-quality material. Moreover, it will keep the floors completely scratch proof. In fact, not just the floors but, it will also, maintain the long-lasting smoothness.

The Lorell Tempered glass chair mat is easy to maintain and clean thus, allowing simple and quick upkeep. The ergonomic feature of this chair mat can give heavy persons an amazing & enjoyable experience while letting them move all- around easily on the chair thus, reducing leg fatigue in a longer run.


  • Recommended for different types of floors
  • Durable construction
  • Quick upkeep
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Scratch-resistant

FAQs: Answered the Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person

In this section, I would like to discuss some points that prospective buyers should keep in mind while selecting the best chair mat. If buyers consider the following points precisely, they will be capable of making the right decision.

What should be Considered While Opting for the Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person?

In order to help readers, I am going to share some important things that they should consider during the process of buying the best chair mat including.

  • Pick the right size
  • Chair mat should be scratch and slip-free
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Supporting pad
  • Weight considerations
  • Thickness depending upon the type of floor

Why is it Important to Purchase the Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person?

Selecting and purchasing the best chair mat for a heavy person will protect the floor for scratches along with offering other benefits. Investing in a premium-quality chair mat is much better than replacing or repairing the floors again and again. Moreover, the best chair mat will protect the floor/carpet from spills. Lastly, people can increase the floor’s lifespan by using the best chair mat.

How to Care for the Chair Mat?

Just like other accessories & furniture, the chair mat needs proper care & maintenance. Some tips are given below

  • Never use metal wheels especially on the floor mat
  • Clean or wash the chair mat with warm water & sponge
  • Better to use polycarbonate chair mats particularly on carpeted floors

Do I need a chair mat on laminate?

As I mentioned Above, almost any type of floor may need a chair mat, some to save from damage and some to save from scratches. Laminate floors can be dented and damaged over time by the chair wheels, so it’s good to have a chair mat under laminate. 

Are the Best Chair Mats Flexible or Hard?

It is worth mentioning that chair mats are both flexible and hard chair mats. The best chair mat is hard as it can bear a lot of load or pressure. On the other hand, it is also flexible so that heavy persons can roll the chairs easily. Furthermore, due to being flexible, the floors and carpets will remain scratch free.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it can be concluded that now people can protect the carpeted floors from stains, starches or even cracks by using the best chair mat. The best chair mat for a heavy person will give the floor surface utmost protection. Currently, the best chair mats are available in different sizes and types depending upon the requirements. 

This article has provided the readers with the ultimate range of the best chair mat for heavy person that he/she will find perfect for both office and home use. All the above-discussed chair mats are specially designed by using a top-quality and durable material. Hopefully, the shared information will help readers make a wise selection.