7 Best Trash Compactors

It is a well-accepted fact that every business or household produces a lot of waste on a regular basis & dealing with this trash can be a bit exhausting.  Even though emptying the waste/trash might sound like a boring task, it still needs some time and effort. When it comes to the dustbin in your kitchen, then I would like to mention that it is always bound to get full more rapidly. So, how can people slow down the daily volume of waste from filling the dustbin?

Well, the only logical way out is to reduce the size with the help of a trash compactor. By doing so, people will be capable of maximizing the capacity of the trash compactor. Trash compactors are considered eco-friendly while being easy to use & handle. In short, a good quality trash compactor is surely a time-saving gadget that can be a perfect addition to any household or business.

What Exactly a Trash Compactor is?

A trash compactor is a useful tool that allows people to lower the adverse effects of the waste on landfills. Within the trash compactor, all the waste is smashed by using a metallic ram into small & manageable pieces. Afterward, these small pieces are disposed-off in the trash compactor bag.

Moreover, a trash compactor usually features a few components.  The best trash compactor is indeed an effective and worth buying waste management appliance.

Since people are going to compact the waste, there is no need to empty the dustbin as often.  In short, according to the majority of people, this is the biggest advantage being offered by a trash compactor. 

Best Trash Compactors
for home or office

The best trash compactors are the ones that can be used to reduce waste and make it easier for you to dispose of your garbage. The most common types of compactor include roll-out, box style, bucket style, and drum type. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages so we’ve put together a list of our top picks in each category. We hope this helps you find the perfect trash compactor!

What are the Different Types of Trash Compactor?

Trash compactors are available in different types however, to make it easy for prospective buyers, the best trash compactor can be divided into following categories. 

Firstly, trash compactors can be categorized on the basis of operation:

  • Automatic trash compactor
  • Manual trash compactor

Secondly, placement factor can also be considered while categorizing this important kitchen appliance

  • Freestanding waste/trash compactor
  • In-built trash compactor

Now, the last category is as follow:

  • Fully-integrated waste/ trash compactor
  • Full-Console Waste/trash compactor

Roll out compactors have been around since the 1950s but they haven’t changed much over time. They come with wheels or casters which allow them to move easily from room to room. Most roll outs also feature an adjustable handle which makes lifting heavy loads easy. Some models even have locking mechanisms on their handles which prevent accidental opening while others don’t require any tools at all.

People can select the trash compactor depending upon their requirements.  

Reviewed: The 7 Best Trash Compactors

All the people out there, who are interested in buying or installing a good trash compactor, they have landed at the right place. This article has discovered & researched the 7 best trash compactors that are currently available in the market. However, readers have to create their own criteria by weighing down the pros & cons of each product & decide wisely.

1. Household Essentials Trash Compactor 40 L

7 Best Trash Compactors7 Best Trash Compactors

It is considered one of the best and highly recommended trash compactors due to several good reasons. This trash compactor features a 50- 40-litres internal capacity depending upon the selected model. Moreover, if people are looking for an affordable yet workable option, then it is advised to go with this manual trash compactor.

The household essentials trash compactor has a simple mechanism because it is almost similar to the standard waste bins only that it features a premium-quality crusher that is directly attached to the lid. As compared to automatic trash compactors, this appliance is more compact. 


  • Bag locking mechanism
  • Soft touch & good quality foot pedal
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Perfectly built & durable
  • Elegant and stylish


  • It does not come with odor filters

User Experience:

According to the users, no other trash compactor can easily beat the price of Household essentials trash compactor while keeping the features and performance in mind. For some, this specific trash compactor is very easy to use while being highly durable. Moreover, the overall construction is perfect & one of the noticeable things is that it offers a hassle-free operation. Conversely, some users have expressed their concerns about the trash compacter’s durability after some time.

2. Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krushr 50 L

7 Best Trash Compactors7 Best Trash Compactors

Now people can make every waste bag hold around 2x the waste with this amazing trash compactor family edition. Apart from this, this large trash compactor is considered highly recommended for family kitchens as it can fit around a thirteen gallon bag with no missed space. 

Moreover, this high quality manual trash compactor features a soft close lid, thick gauge stainless steel body, fingerprint resistant finish & removable plastic liner to ensure easy and fast clean up.

What actually makes this specific appliance so different is its easy touchless operation. It simply means that only the motion of the hand will open the trash’s lid automatically. I would like to share that all these features make the House Essentials trash compactor a truly convenient and hygienic option.


  • Easy to clean & use
  • Odor control technology
  • Hold twice the waste
  • Space & money-saving design
  • Give the best value for money


  • Magnetics are quite ineffective 

User Experience:

No doubt, it is an easy and simple trash compactor. According to the users, it is a good option for those who have kids because it features a removable key lock. It simply means that the compactor remains unreachable during use. The trash compactor works as advertised. No doubt, being a well-engineered kitchen appliance, it is a highly recommended product. However, few users have complained about weak magnets & low quality stainless steel.

3. Krushr K012 Panel Required Recycle Compactor

7 Best Trash Compactors7 Best Trash Compactors

Due to simple & elegant design, the Krushr trash compactor is perfect for small kitchens. People can easily integrate this compactor into kitchen furniture however, a separate stainless steel door can also be purchased. All the controls are completely digital thus, it makes the trash compactor quite easy to use.

Moreover, it has a handlebar to let people open the lid easily. To ensure safety, the Krushr trash compactor has a child lock. During the whole operation, this trash compactor is notably quiet. As compared to other available trash compactors, accessing all the internal compartments is very straightforward.


  • Energy efficient
  • Smooth and quiet 
  • Works as advertised
  • High compaction ratio
  • Automatic compaction


  • Lacks portability
  • Requires installation

User Experience:

Most of the users have recommended the Krushr trash compactor because there is no need to compact the waste. Due to its automatic operation, people only have to fill it up while pressing the button. According to some other users, the krushr trash compactor is capable of compressing the waste by 85% thus, allowing them to reuse the bags afterward. Overall, it’s reliability & amazing features collectively make it a worth buying kitchen appliance. The only drawback is that the original trash bags offered by Krushr are very expensive & thin whereas, the typical trash bags won’t fit properly.

4. NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Trash Compactor

7 Best Trash Compactors7 Best Trash Compactors

Another great and highly recommended kitchen appliance, NINESTARS trash compactor is made from premium-quality materials. It features a water-resistant ultraviolet motion sensor to prevent moisture or other unintentional spills from damaging the device. The trash compactor will remain neat and clean due to the fingerprint resilient stainless steel base.

Moreover, it has a delay sensing system to preserve battery life while preventing unwanted opening from children, pets or walking by. It is also capable of sealing unpleasant odors and eliminating the cross contamination of bacteria and germs.


  • Convenient and easy
  • Touch-free lid closure
  • Batteries are long-lasting
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Base is non-skid


  • Lid needs improvement

User Experience:

This is indeed a worth buying trash compactor due to its amazing features and performance. It can hold much more than people think.  Some users have commented that this trash compactor works perfectly & looks nice in any kitchen. The size is perfect, the lid seals tightly and the separate compartments are also there to keep things manageable. However, few users do not like the performance of batteries.

5. Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor

7 Best Trash Compactors7 Best Trash Compactors

The next product on this list is known as the Gladiator trash compactor. It is also fairly stylish and elegant due to its hammered granite look. Here, I would like to mention that all those who are looking for a good quality freestanding waste/trash compactor rather than an in-built option then, they should consider buying a Gladiator trash compactor. Well, the price of this trash compactor is much higher as compared to other competitors however, it does give a noticeable improvement when it comes to quality. The appliance is capable of handling various types of trash pretty well. In order to add on to its perfect built, the trash compactor features a great practical capacity & can be used in offices, restaurants, home kitchens & many other places.


  • Powerful performance & good crushing
  • Easy & convenient
  • Straightforward controls
  • Anti-jam
  • 75% less waste volume


  • Casters have to be assembled

User Experience:

No doubt, this device is considered an affordable and good trash compactor. Being a heavy-duty and durable machine, the product is perfect at compacting different tough materials. Some users have commented that this trash compactor runs smoothly and gives a remarkable performance. Conversely, few users have found the Gladiator trash compactor louder as compared to the above-reviewed models. Some users have also complained that there are some sharp edges that can easily tear the trash bags while installing them.

6. Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Trash Compactor

7 Best Trash Compactors7 Best Trash Compactors

This device also makes a good option for those who want a slender and sleek trash compactor for the kitchen. It is quite similar to the Joseph Joseph 30060 trash compactor, but has a small trash storage capacity. Moreover, this manual waste compactor is capable of holding around 20 liters of the un-compacted & 60-liters of the compacted waste. This kitchen appliance features an anti-tear design for protecting the trash bags. The best thing is that Joseph Joseph trash compactor is compatible with the customary plastic liners.  


  • Built to last long
  • Hygienic & mess-free
  • Odor control technology
  • Won’t tear the liners
  • Durable steel foot pedal


  • It cannot compact cans and tins

User Experience:

According to the users, this manual trash compactor is surely a good purchase. No doubt, the trash compactors & cans smell awful but, this problem can easily be solved after buying the Joseph Joseph intelligent waste trash compactor. For some, this product compact the waste while maximizing the space. In short, the majority of the users are happy with their purchase because it is a great appliance for compacting the waste hygienically.

7. RayTech Manual Trash Compactor

7 Best Trash Compactors7 Best Trash Compactors

It also comes under the category of the best manual trash compactors currently available in the market. This brand is quite famous due to its unique and good quality manual trash compactors. The product offers everything that people might need in order to start compacting the trash right out of the box.

It is vital to mention that this trash compactor features a user-friendly interface thus, making it an ideal option for people of all ages. With this trash compactor, people can use a plunger for pushing the lightweight waste, for instance paper towels and toilet papers, down without even touching them. 


  • Perfect for compacting waste hygienically
  • Amazing addition to any kitchen
  • User-friendly
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Very lightweight


  • Only 1 is available

User Experience:

According to the users of this product, the RayTech Manual trash compactor is surely a worth buying product. Some users have liked the fact that this trash compactor demands very low maintenance. No fancy cleaning equipment is required, people can clean it with the help of just water and soap. It is worth mentioning that people are compacting the lightweight objects the trash compactor would work well; however, for normal household waste materials, it might not be a good option.

Buying Guide: 7 Best Trash Compactors

Taking out the waste is something nobody wants to do. So, once prospective buyers have decided to purchase the best trash compactor currently available, the most important thing is to learn a lot about these kitchen appliances.

How to Select the Best Trash Compactor?

There is no point in buying the trash compactors randomly therefore, it is advised to consider the below-given information before making the final decision.

Installation Type

There are 2 main types of trash compactors namely, built-in and freestanding. The built-in trash compactor needs a complicated installation process where the freestanding trash compactor demands fewer steps for easy installation.


Well, a trash compactor with a large capacity is highly recommended as it compacts extra bags. The capacity of some automatic trash compactors for domestic use varies between 1.5 & 1.7 liters. Whereas the manual trash compactors are small & the capacity generally varies between 6 & 16 gallons.

Odor Control Technology 

Some trash compactors have come up with various features in order to manage unpleasant odors. This feature can vary from utilizing air fresheners to charcoal cartridges/filters for combating the smell.


It is advised to pick a durable product. A low-quality trash compactor might not be capable of giving users with the required compaction force. It is vital to mention that the overall efficiency and performance of the trash compactor always depend upon the durability and quality.


The price range of different waste/trash compactors depends upon the features & various functionalities. Well, the trash compactor is not cheap however, some models & brands are more affordable.

How to Decide about the Size or Type of the Trash Compactor?

I would like to mention that the size or type of trash compactor that people are going to purchase for the home can make a lot of difference. In order to decide about the type and size, it is advised to measure the area where you are going to place the trash compactor. Moreover, people can select from under counter compactors, freestanding compactors or portable compactors as well that they can take with them wherever they want. For a large family or kitchen, buying the larger trash compactor will serve the best purpose.

Which One is Recommended, Trash Compactor or Garbage Disposal?

Well, it is extremely hard to compare these two. According to the users, a trash compactor is extremely versatile. People can put different items or things in there. A good garbage disposal always under the sink. It chops up all the food wastage while flushing it directly down the kitchen drain.  Both appliances have pros & cons. The best advice is to purchase both a garbage disposal and trash compactor.

How Does a Good Trash Compactor Works?

Usually, a good quality trash compactor is rectangular in shape. There might be a hands free cover or lid that will open automatically or can be operated with the help of a foot pedal. When the garbage is inside, it will be compacted. The whole process can also be done using the manual trash compactors.

What Trash Bags Should People Use?

Most of the time, trash compactors come with bags. People should try buying bags that are very similar to these. Usually, the manufactures also give useful recommendations for the trash bags. Moreover, it is suggested to purchase durable bags that can easily handle compacted waste which is heavy per unit volume as compared to regular waste.   

Final Thoughts

In the end, it can be said that buying a trash compactor for home use will surely resolve the effort of storing & processing heavier loads of waste. Moreover, with increasing concerns about environmental pollution, the majority of the people are buying trash compactors as compared to regular trash bins. By providing readers with the reviews of 7 best trash compactors, I tried to make the whole process of selecting an amazing item easy & less worrying.