Best Vacuum Sealers for Wet Food

Back when social distancing and stay-at-home best & safe practices rolled out last year, the demand for some home essentials instantly shot up including a vacuum sealer. It allows people to save whatever they want in spite of stocking up on different non-perishables or even relying on Campbell soup and TV dinners. Well, I would like to say that vacuum sealers are considered a great investment even in routine days, as vacuum sealing will prolong the shelf-life of eatables from weeks to months to years.

Moreover, a good quality vacuum sealer is one of the worth buying kitchen appliances that people do not realize until they get one. These multipurpose kitchen appliances can easily be used to marinade different food products & for sous-vide methods of cooking as well. Vacuum sealer is absolutely indispensable for effectively and safely storing both dry and wet food items. It is vital to note that while buying a vacuum sealer, it is always better to consider the purpose or usage.

Best Vacuum Sealers for Wet Food

Few vacuum sealers are good at sealing just dry food items & not wet. So, with these types of vacuum sealers, if people try stuffing wet items, it might ruin the appliance along with corrosion and rust. However, many vacuum sealers are especially made for stainless steel materials. So, due to being waterproof, they would not have a problem with wet foods.

Is It Possible to Vacuum Seal Wet Food Items?

Yes, soups, marinades, liquids, & other wet food items can easily be vacuum sealed. Moreover, putting liquids and wet food in the chamber vacuum sealers is easy, quick, & does not need a lot of preparation beforehand although, using a clamshell or suction style sealer is possible however, requires the proper technique.

What do we mean when we say wet food?

wet food have water in them. The definition of wet food differs, but in general, they are food that has more liquid than dry food.

wet cat food has a lot of moisture and water content, which is important because cats are carnivores that need to eat prey with water in it. This includes sponges, invertebrates like worms (earthworms), fish and guppies, etc. However many pet experts recommend not feeding your cat a strictly fish diet because the dietary acids from fish can lead to urinary tract infections (UTIs). Cats also do not need many vegetables because they get their nutritional needs met from raw meat and bones.

wet dog food is much the same as wet cat food.

wet dog food is very similar to wet cat food – it also contains a lot of moisture and water content. In fact, it is even more moist than wet cat food because, as I mentioned, dogs are also carnivores that need to eat prey with water in it. So, you will still find fish (including salmon), beaver tail (another canine favorite), livers of other animals like bears, deer and rabbits, etc . My point is that protein in wet dog food can come from water source animals like fish or from other species.

And wet food for humans ?

Interestingly enough, “wet food” has another meaning in the United States. Some people call a food item wet if it has sauce or dressing on it. So, for example, a “wet” sandwich would be a sandwich with sauce/dressing on it instead of dry (the bread). This explains why we have sandwiches called “Dry Rubbed BBQ Chicken Sandwich”. I love the Dry Rubbed BBQ Chicken Sandwich because I hate dry sandwiches and I LOVE BBQ sauce.

It is important to vacuum seal your wet food in order to avoid their developing an off smell.

Reviewed: Best Vacuum Sealers for Wet Food   

When it comes to sealing the wet food items, people might hardly find a product that works well for only wet food. The majority of these kitchen appliances either work well for just dry food or both. So, in order to help prospective buyers make a wise decision, I have listed the top 3 products that truly fall into the category of the best vacuum sealer for wet food.

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Reviewed: Best Vacuum Sealers for Wet Food

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers for Wet FoodBest Vacuum Sealers for Wet Food

This comes under the category of the best vacuum sealer that is especially designed for wet foods. The FoodSaver V2244 vacuum sealer is capable of keeping food items fresh upto 5x longer as compared to other ordinary methods of storage. Furthermore, the vacuum sealer allows users to pack different wet food items at once, more efficiently.

The product removes all the air, the major cause of food spoilage and mold from sealing bags while creating an airtight seal for locking in freshness and taste. The most noticeable feature of this vacuum sealer is that it is compatible with fresh handheld sealers and other accessories including regular & wide mouth mason jars sealers & bottle stoppers.


  • Great suction power
  • Works fast
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Highly efficient


  • Might not work properly with too much of moisture in sealing bag

User Experience:

According to the buyers, the FoodSaver V2244 is worth buying as it is a great basic model for the price point. Many others have commented that this vacuum sealer works great at sealing wet food items while being easy to operate.

Amazon Basics Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers for Wet FoodBest Vacuum Sealers for Wet Food

User friendly and effective, the AmazonBasics vacuum sealer is perfect for beginners who are not sure how frequently they might have to use the vacuum sealers for sealing wet food items. The product is available in 2 colors with two selectable modes for wet and dry items thus, giving users the chance of storing & preserving as much as they can. Furthermore, the AmazonBasics vacuum sealer comes with a great 15-foot roller sealing bag that offers plenty of chances to extend the shelf life of wet food. It features an LED light indicator in order to lead the way while guiding users to seal the food properly without any risk of damaging the vacuum sealer. Apart from this, the product also has an in-built cutter for making the customized bags.


  • Works effectively
  • Utility hose for canisters
  • Roll cutter and roll storage
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly


  • Few buyers have complained that control buttons are very difficult to use

User Experience:

Many vacuum sealer avid have bought the AmazonBasics vacuum sealer to seal their favorite wet food items. According to them, this vacuum sealer is better than what they expected. For this price point, the AmazonBasics vacuum sealer is really good.

Entrige Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers for Wet FoodBest Vacuum Sealers for Wet Food

When wet food items are protected from freezer burns and air, everyday meal planning would be easy. Now food lovers can double the recipe of their most favorite wet foods while storing the extra portions for a quick & nutritious meal on busy weekdays. The Entrige vacuum sealer is highly recommended as it takes around 30-40 seconds to get the sealing job done. The product promises to vacuum seal delicate wet food items without crushing them.  The vacuum sealer is designed with completely automatic sealing operation. In short, with Entrige vacuum sealer, the buyers will get a flexible, durable, & yet efficient product all in one.


  • 2 sealing modes
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Very lightweight
  • Versatile with compact design
  • Separated design


  • A bit noisy

User Experience:

According to the buyers, the Entrige vacuum sealer is worth every penny due to amazing features and great performance. Many other buyers have said that this vacuum sealer works as advertised. So, highly recommended for sealing wet food items.

Buying Guide: Best Vacuum Sealers for Wet Food

The vacuum sealers for wet food are especially designed in order to ensure that users can create the very airtight, waterproof, & perfect seal on sealing bags. But it is unwise to select a vacuum sealer randomly. The best practice is to do a lot of research before investing the hard-earned money. So, to make the whole process of selecting and buying the right product easy, I am going to share some useful information.

What should be Considered While Picking the Vacuum Sealer for Wet Foods?

The following factors should be given due attention:

  • Canister and jar compatibility
  • Removable drip tray
  • Rolls, bags and accessories
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Heavy-duty suction power
  • Automatic/manual sealing
  • Pulsing
  • Accessory hose

How to Vacuum Seal the Wet Food Items?

Before moving ahead, vacuum sealing different dry food items is surely a breeze. While, on the other hand, vacuum sealing wet food items can be a huge disaster if people do not do it properly. But, do not worry because wet food items can also be sealed as well if people follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Firstly, try keeping the vacuum sealer right above the sealing bag
  • Always make use of paper towels
  • For food items with lots of liquids, it is better to freeze them

Final Thoughts:

Overall, it can be said that vacuum sealing wet food items can be a nightmare. Well, this is because the people do not follow the right procedure. Moreover, sealing the wet food items is a little different from sealing dry foods. And, no doubt having a good-quality vacuum sealer with a great sealing bar will help a lot. The above-shared are the best vacuum sealers for wet food people can purchase in 2021, just according to online reviews, in-home usage, and testing.