Best Pens for Writing on Glass

Now people can add splash colors to mirrors, windows, or even any type of surface for creating a different and attractive atmosphere during the special events. Moreover, leave special messages for the loved-ones almost anywhere. Parents can create attention-grabbing art projects with their little ones. In short, the things people can do with the best pens that are specially designed for writing on the glass are never-ending.

It is worth sharing that some people also face a lot of difficulties when it comes to putting out important messages on the shop windows as they will get erased easily. Likewise, it is necessary that every office should have dry erase pens. Due to the availability of numerous brands, it is quite difficult to get the best one.

Best Pens for Writing on Glass

The Best Pens for Writing on Glass Reviewed:

So, if the readers of this article want something really amazing that can be wiped off easily or even something that can stick to different surfaces for a long time then, they should consider the below-given information regarding the best pens for writing on glass.

1. Chalktastic Chalk Markers

Best Pens for Writing on GlassBest Pens for Writing on Glass

One of the best and highly recommended products offered by Chalktastic as it can grab the attention easily. The brand offers top-quality & deeply intense chalk ink along with stunning colors that are multipurpose. For example, the Chalktastic markers are considered a great solution for restaurant owners to design the sign they have always wanted. However, they are different scenarios where people can use them for getting the required outcomes. The dust-free feature of the markers allows fast and effortless removal of the various markings.

Best Pens for Writing on Glass


  • Work perfectly with various applications
  • Eight vibrant & premium-quality neon colors
  • Cleaning is easy due to dust-free feature
  • Suitable for everyone because of being non-toxic

2. Glass Pen by Rainbow Chalk Markers Ltd

Best Pens for Writing on GlassBest Pens for Writing on Glass

A worth buying product that is currently available in 10 different colors & 2 different sizes to cater to the needs of a number of buyers. Whenever people want to write important messages on mirrors or brighten up the windows, they should use Glass Pen by Rainbow Chalk Markers Ltd for adding a rainbow of beautiful colors to the stunning designs. These pens can work on a range of surfaces to be appropriate for each occasion & any room. The ink of these pens is specially designed by using a water-based formula & it is also resistant to rain & light mist.


  • Ink can be wiped off instantly with the help of damp cloth
  • Rich pigments
  • Has the advanced formula
  • It has reversible nib thus, the design will be long-lasting
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces

3. DecoArt DGPM14-K Glass Paint Marker

Best Pens for Writing on GlassBest Pens for Writing on Glass

The product has only 1 marker however, prospective buyers can select the required colors easily they need from white, silver, red, green, gold, and black options. They are designed for writing on glazed ceramics and glass. In fact, a recommended option for satisfying the crafting needs. The DecoArt marker features a strong adhesion to different surfaces for covering the needs of users. With the correct baking process in a dishwasher and oven, it can produce a secured and durable glossy finish. It is vital to mention that if users just want a single market, then they should consider buying a DecoArt Glass paint marker.


  • Long-lasting marking after a correct baking process
  • Non-toxic
  • Extraordinary performance on porcelain and metal both
  • Striking colors with a great finish

4. Creatov Liquid Window Chalk Markers

Best Pens for Writing on GlassBest Pens for Writing on Glass

These pens offer the best and cool way of entertaining the kids of all ages due to being vibrant and attractive. Parents can do pretty art & craft projects with the kids or even pep up their mood with colorful drawings on the windows & other surfaces such as glass on a rainy day. This product is fitted with a multipurpose reversible tip for creating both fine and bold lines. Furthermore, they are recommended for decorating bars and storefronts with flashy ads. Because of the vivid and bright colors, the designed posters will surely make a splash thus, attracting more customers.


  • Well-designed reversible operation
  • Long-lasting and high-quality outcomes
  • Everyone can use them easily due to comfortable design
  • Perfect resource for art projects and educators

5. Peboe Vitrea 160 Assorted Glossy Glass Paint Markers

Best Pens for Writing on GlassBest Pens for Writing on Glass

These markets are a little expensive as compared to the above-mentioned options however, they give the best value for every penny spent due to a number of valid reasons. These are water-based and transparent which allows people to use them in various combinations for creating outstanding results. Moreover, they are very versatile about the various things people can easily do with them like, these glass paint markets can be used on metal, porcelain, or glass. After carefully following the provided baking instructions, users will rest assured that the drawings will always stick to the required surface.


  • Bullet tip gives high-precision
  • Perfect for various surfaces
  • 9 water-based paint markers give smooth and glossy finishes
  • Fading resistant

FAQs- Answered the Best Pens for Writing on Glass 

Even though the article has reviewed only the worth buying and highly recommended pens for writing on glass, readers will have to consider some other important things before making the buying decision. Such information is given below in the form of FAQs.

How to Buy the Best Pens for Writing on Glass?

It is advised to consider the following:

  • Quality of the ink used
  • Colors should be vibrant to attract a larger audience
  • Permanent or erasable
  • Dishwasher safe

How can people Draw or Write on Glass Permanently?

In order to make drawings & writings on glass long-lasting or permanent, it is better to purchase pens that are promptly permanent once dried off. For this, it is suggested to check all the descriptions for ensuring if you are getting permanent pens or not.

What Exactly the Best Pen for Writing on Glass is?

The best pen for writing on glass is considered a new and unique type of implementation that is capable of replacing normal supplies when it comes to writing on chalkboards or whiteboards.  This contemporary product offers numerous advantages like decorating, drawing, and writing on the glass. These pens are extremely amazing as compared to others because they will resist water, fading or smearing, marks on fingers effectively.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now readers have plenty of knowledge regarding the best pens for writing on glass & they can select the right one according to their needs. However, it is important to the check required aspects before purchasing.

Even though just small pens, they can still contribute a vital role in boosting up the confidence of people. Not just that, the best pens for writing on the glass are the major components for creating the extraordinary artworks on multiple surfaces. Just select the best one to design the stunning with the help of cool colors & top-quality ink.