Best lead holders for drawing

In most creative fields, one cannot deny the importance of an amazing and useful tool, i.e., lead holder. It does not matter if people belong to the field of architecture or fine arts or even beginners who are learning or trying to draw correctly, a suitable lead holder is worth having a tool of artist’s supplies. That is why we will help you find out the best lead holders.

Moreover, while readers have gone over selecting the best lead holders for drawing, there are several factors when thinking about the best lead holder to add to their collection.

Figuring out the premium-quality lead holder to bring the designs and sketches to life might appear challenging; however, sometimes, it solely depends upon personal preferences. Here are a few answers to your questions.

best lead holders for drawing

What is a lead holder?

A lead holder is used to hold the leads of different sizes. Architects, artists, and drafters widely use it.A lead holder is quite similar to clutch pencil. Leads are of different sizes. A lead holder  is very important in holding the lead and keeping the lead intact.

When to use a lead holder?

A lead holder or a mechanical pencil is used to create a piece of art. It fine-tunes your shades and elevates your drawing skills.

How to use a lead holder?

Every lead holder has a feature to insert or a refill option. You can press the button available at the bottom to add the lid at the top.Insert the lead carefully and make sure that it has been inserted properly and as the lead gets over, you can refill it with the same procedure.

Why to use lead holders?

A lead holder pencil  or a mechanical pencil is to draw something accurately. For narrow detailing and for thicker shades,a lead holder can create wonders. Because the lead holders can hold a thicker piece of graphite which makes them more secure and can be reliable in times. Also lead holders are more comfortable and easy to hold then pencils.

Where to use lead holders?

A mechanical pencils or a lead holder can be used wherever there is requirement for drawing, drafting,sketching. It is widely used by artists, drafters, engineers and students.Some mechanical pencils are accompanied with an eraser at the bottom. It becomes so convenient that any mistakes made while drawing can be erased off easily.

Lead Holder vs pencil vs mechanical pencil:

To make things easy and clear, we all know pencils which is a lead surrounded by wood and is sharpened when ever needed. now the problem is to identify the difference between mechenical pencil and a lead holder. so the difference is that the mechanical pencils use much thinner lead size in comparison to the lead holder. normally mechanical pencils use 0.3mm to 0.7mm. Lead holders on the other hand normally hold from 0.7mm to 2mm and it can go as thick as 6mm.

Lead Holder vs pencil vs mechanical pencil

Choosing a lead holders is the most important step when you are working on your drawing. A good lead holder can turn your vision into design with ease. Furthermore, once people get the hand which company they prefer, they can mix & match different lead holders for expanding their sketching skills

According to my experience, the best lead holder for drawing is one which lets artists experiment with a huge variety of shading and lines but every brand will also sell the lead holder individually when they need to restock.

A detailed list of products

Here is a detailed list of product that are discussed in this article

Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical PencilStaedtlerExcellentCheck now
Rotring 800 Lead HolderrOtringVery GoodCheck now
Paper Mate Sharpwriter Mechanical PencilPaper MateVery GoodCheck now
The Retro51 Hex-O-Matic Silver Mechanical PencilThe RetroGoodCheck now

Reviewed: The Best Lead Holders for Drawing

In order to get to know more about the best lead holders for drawing currently available in the marketplace, it is advised to continue the article.

1. Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil

Best lead holders for drawingBest lead holders for drawing

According to the Staedtler brand, creativity plays an important role in making people happy & relaxed. Staedtler is a good companion for people of different ages who are planning to bring their creative ideas and thoughts to life.

This product is also considered a long-lasting source of motivation. This writing tool is best for technical drawings and graphing. Moreover, this option will serve the best purpose for those who prefer classic design & love, lead holders. It offers a sturdy and solid grip.

 Furthermore, the Staedtler lead holder is specially made from metal material to hold together perfectly. It is a 2mm lead holder that is considered a good middle-ground option for both informal applications and technical drawings.


  • Top-quality construction
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Comes equipped with a sharper
  • Best for drawing, sketching, and writing
  • Durable & well-made

2. Rotring 800 Lead Holder

Best lead holders for drawingBest lead holders for drawing

If you are among those who love drawing with a mechanical pencil then, they should consider buying this product. It is specially designed for the lifetime of dependable top-quality marks thus, ensuring that the graphic work will remain best.

The carefully designed grip along with precise line-quality always makes rOtring mechanical pencil one of the best and recommended options.

 It has a metal body to give perfect weight balance to let artists enjoy fatigue-free drawing and writing. The size, pattern, and design of the metallic grip zone allow working continuously for long hours without falling. 


  • An iconic writing and drawing tool
  • Ergonomic metal barrel
  • Marvel of engineering and design
  • User-friendly
  • Perfectly weighted


3. Paper Mate Sharpwriter Mechanical Pencil

Best lead holders for drawingBest lead holders for drawing

The best product who likes twist type, lead holders. The paper mate sharp writer comes under the category of top mechanical pencils that give smooth action & larger rubber erasers for helping writers or artists to cover up their mistakes.

This product is quite economical & this factor adds more attraction towards it. The tip of this mechanical pencil has shock absorption that will help heavy-handed users to keep away the lead holder from breaking. The equipped eraser will clean & remove all the unwanted spots and marks from the sheet in order to get smooth & easy writing.


  • The barrel is textured for comfortable & firm grip
  • Twistable tip
  • Long-lasting lead
  • Give the best value for money

4. The Retro51 Hex-O-Matic Silver Mechanical Pencil

Best lead holders for drawingBest lead holders for drawing

This amazing lead holder is built firmly with durable & top-quality metal material thus, letting people take it with them without getting worried about breakage or anything similar. The mentionable point about

The Retro51 Hex-O lead holder is that it does not feel extremely heavy. It can accept 0.8mm lead letting people draw thick borders and precise lines easily. It is capable of preventing the pencil from rolling down the drafting table whenever users put it down.


  • Beautiful & aesthetic
  • Easy to hold and grip
  • Makes drawing or writing easy
How to buy a lead holder

Buyers Guide: factors to consider before buying

Lead thickness:

The lead holders can hold leads  of different sizes. Every lead has its own thickness. Always one has to note the thickness of the lead before buying it. The thickness of  a lead varies from 0.7mm,1.0mm,2mm,3mm,4mm,6mm.

Size of lead:

Before starting your work, make sure you buy the needed size of lead to create your desired result.As the size of the lead varies,the shading also varies.  A sharper lead creates thin shades and leads with 6mm  creates a thicker shade.

Length of lead holders:

Make sure that the pencil is not too big and not too small. It should have an appropriate size to hold it in your pocket.A handy lead holder pencil is used widely by all.


The shape of the lead holder pencil  should be taken into consideration to prevent rolling off. Often rolling off would cause irritation while working. It distracts our concentration. It may even cause the lead pencil to break. So make sure you take a look at the shape before buying a lead pencil.


It should neither be heavy nor light. It should have an appropriate weight to handle it with ease.  A good lead pencil is quite light to use.

Balanced Grip:

When one holds the mechanical pencil there should be a good grip to hold it and to work with it. If a lead  pencil lacks good grip then it may often fall down from your hand. A mechanical pencil or a lead holder is welcomed with a good grip.

Which type of lead holder should I buy?

There are many types of lead holders available on the market today. Some of these include:

Lead Holder Pencil – This is the basic version of all other lead holders. The lead holder pencil comes with a small metal clip attached to its body. The lead holder pencil is also known as a standard lead holder.

Mechanical Lead Holders – These are the most common versions of lead holders. They come with a removable cap at one end and a spring loaded mechanism inside the barrel. This allows the user to remove the lead from the holder without breaking the tip.

Clutch Pencils – Clutches are another popular variant of lead holders. They look like a regular pen but they do not contain ink cartridges. Instead, they consist of a hollow tube where the lead is placed. These lead holders have a locking mechanism to keep the lead securely within the tube.

Erasers – Erasers are usually found at the base of the lead holder. There are two kinds of erasers available. One kind contains a sponge material whereas the other consists of rubber. Both work well when applied correctly.

Refillable Pens – Refillable pens are designed to allow users to replace their tips. Most refills are sold separately. However, some manufacturers sell replacement caps along with the original ones.

FAQs: Answered the Best Lead Holder for Drawing

As mentioned earlier that now writers and artists can get a huge range of lead holders depending upon their needs. Each of them offers different features and can be used for different purposes.

However, it is vital to mention that if readers are ready to purchase the best lead holder but are not sure which brand and type would be good then, this section will answer all the queries. Because, the best lead holder for writers or artists could depend on different things therefore, the below-given information will help them narrow down the choices. 

Why Artists or Writers Should Buy the Best Lead Holder?

It is recommended to select the best lead holder due to the following reasons.

  • The lead holder will help in achieving the type of detail & precision a normal wooden pencil can never. By using the best lead holder, people can draw extremely fine lines.
  • Just like pens, the lead holder’s mechanisms give it additional weight & this makes lead holder more ergonomic
  • From a cheerful and shiny to a brass and chic black, the best lead holders are available in different styles to meet the requirements of end -users.
  • ●      The lead that is used inside the holder is refillable. It simply means that users do not have to sharpen it again and again. Therefore, the best lead holder is considered more convenient and cost-effective.

What should be Considered While Buying the Best Lead Holder?

It is advised to consider the following points to make a wise choice

  • Lead quality
  • Price
  • Build quality
  • Balanced Grip  
  • Consistent balance

Are the mechanical pencils and the lead holders the same?

Yes. Mechanical pencils and the lead holders are just the same. They do follow the same mechanism and a mechanical pencil and a lead holder serve the same purpose.  A mechanical pencil and the lead holder are used to improve your drawing skills.

What is a  pencil lead hardness?

 Any pencil or any lead is bound with lead hardness.  A pencil lead hardness is often determined with the word HB written on it. H stands for hardness and B stands for Black. Pencil lead hardness is determined by the amount of clay we add to a lead. As you increase the amount of clay, the pencil lead hardness becomes higher and higher. As you increase the blackness, the shades would be thick and heavy.

Should I use lead holders for drawing?

Yes. A good drawing lifts the mood of a person. You automatically feel happy about  visualizing  the right image. To create an excellent artistic piece of work, one should use lead holders for drawings.

What is the difference between a lead holder and a  pencil?

With a lead holder pencil  or a mechanical pencil, one can create any minute details while drawing with perfection.In contrast the same result cannot be expected from an ordinary pencil. A lead holder is far more convenient than a pencil.

How to use a lead pointer?

A lead pointer has a button at the bottom. When you want to fill a lead to a lead pointer, all you need is to press the lead pencil at the bottom. As you press the lead pencil at the bottom, the jaws on the top of the lead pencil opens up.  As the jaws open up, you need to insert the lead through it.

Can a mechanical pencil be sharpened?

Yes. The lead used in the lead holder or mechanical pencils can be sharpened and it can be used for our needs. Drawing fine lines and detailing the art can be done with a lead holder.


While buying the best lead holder for writing and drawing, it is important to select the premium-quality product from a reliable resource.

 No doubt, selecting the best lead holder or a mechanical pencil  is a little tricky but it is a rewarding experience. Likewise, even if people are not the pencil or pen lovers, when they end up with something top-quality and good for their hand they will surely understand the importance of getting the right product.

 Hopefully, the shared information will help readers make a good decision to find the best lead holders for drawing,drafting,sketching and writing.