Best Notebook for Fountain Pens

From the perspective of writers and artists, having a good notebook is essential. And when it comes to buying the best cheap notebook for your precious fountain pen, research is mandatory.  It is a fact that writers would never want to ruin the experience of writing by using low-quality or unsuitable paper. Because some regular notebooks cannot handle the ink of fountain pens So this article will help you find the best notebook for fountain pens.

Writers can see the ink bleeding through the notebook if the pages are extremely absorbent or even thin. So, the only solution is to pick the best & premium quality notebook in order to accompany the fountain pen. In other words, selecting the best notebook that is particularly designed to handle the fountain pen is necessary.

Best Notebook for Fountain Pens

Best Editor’s choice notebooks for fountain pens in different categories:

Best A5 lined notebooks for fountain pensMoleskine Classic NotebookCheck
Best A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook for fountain pensLeuchtturm1917Check
Best A4 notebooks for fountain pensRhodia Head Stapled PadCheck
Best leather notebooks for fountain pensLeather Journal Writing Notebook Check

The Best Cheap Notebook for Fountain Pens Reviewed:

Keeping the above discussion in view, this article is going to share the information regarding the best cheap notebook for fountain pens to help writers make a wise selection for getting an amazing and unforgettable writing experience. Whether the readers are the beginners or already having a wide collection, this piece of writing will surely be beneficial for them.

1. Moleskine Classic Notebook 

Best Notebook for Fountain PensBest Notebook for Fountain Pens

A good option for all those writers who are not ready to try new & different products. It is a durable, classy, & best notebook for fountain pen lovers as it comes with thick papers. It can also be used for sketching. 

The notebook is available in black color that looks so classy. Students, writers, and artists in fact everyone can use the notebook comfortably. It also features a ruled style to keep writings in an organized and proper format.


  • Thicker papers to absorb the ink instantly
  • It is available with foldaway back pockets especially for cards, notes
  • Around 400 pages depending upon the style

2. Leuchtturm 1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook

Best Notebook for Fountain PensBest Notebook for Fountain Pens

A highly recommended product for perfectionists and organized writers. It is available in different colors & that’s considered the biggest selling point of this notebook. The Leuchtturm notebook consists of good quality, 80-gsm pages along with 2 bookmarks for finding the place later easily.

The quality, numbering system, and dot grid of the notebook’s paper is great to take the writing experience to the next level. The writers all around the world always recommended the Leuchtturm notebook due to its simplicity & front index.


  • Acid-free and ink proof
  • Best for bullet journaling
  • Available in silver, gold, and copper color
  • Content will remain secure due to elastic closure band

3. Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Best Notebook for Fountain PensBest Notebook for Fountain Pens

This notebook is specially designed for fountain pens & comes with high-quality & genuine leather. Due to being elegant & durable, writers can easily fold it while writing. Moreover, the notebook is ideal for traveling due to its size and rustic look. The thicker pages will make a writing with the fountain pens easy and smooth.

This notebook has 120 sheets that are acid-free along with the leather binding. The classic look & feel of the cotton pages & leather cover will force writers to buy this notebook instantly.


  • Hand cut lop-sided flip
  • Both sides can be used for writing
  • Multipurpose
  • Every page has a thickness of 1.5” to handle the ink of fountain pens successfully

4. Rhodia Head Stapled Pad White

Best Notebook for Fountain PensBest Notebook for Fountain Pens

Another great option for fountain pen users, the Rhodia Head Pad white is finally here. Whenever writes use this notebook with a top-quality pen, they will instantly see a huge difference in their writing experience. The paper is extremely smooth & will let even the poor-quality pens perform and feel better.

The size, colors, and size of the Rhodia Head Stapled pad make it a perfect & refined addition to your stationery. It is important to mention that the pages of this notebook are extremely flexible & will never bleed.


  • Sturdy
  • 80 removable micro-perforated sheets
  • Works perfectly with all types of pens
  • Flexible pages

5. Apica Premium C.D Notebook

Best Notebook for Fountain PensBest Notebook for Fountain Pens

No doubt, another reliable and classy product, the Apica premium C.D notebooks contain 97 sheets of soft & smooth paper & 7mm rule. It is not only recommended for a range of inks and nibs’ types but, it can handle the different types of pens perfectly. The pen will glide over the surface easily without any fiction or toothy feeling. Here, I would like to mention that some inks might take some time to get completely dry.

Thus, it is better to give some time. Quality construction and materials along with smooth sheets & eye-catching design, the Apica premium C.D notebook is indeed a worth buying product.


  • Smooth feel
  • Can handle all types of pen
  • Durable
  • Give the best value for money


Everyone wants to get the best notebooks for fountain pens in order to keep the writings unchanged after a long period. However, the truth is, some notebooks are not created to handle the inks. Moreover, notebooks that come with regular papers cannot handle the ink of fountain pens. Therefore, it is better to purchase notebooks that can fulfill the writing demands while handling the ink of a fountain pen.

According to avid writers, writing something with a top-quality fountain pen on a smooth paper is surely the best feeling ever. The ink will easily glide over the paper thus, requiring little pressure while creating an attractive stroke. Sadly, the majority of the printer papers are not good at handling the nib or ink that comes with the fountain pens. Like, it can smear, feather, or even bleed through paper.

Therefore, the article has picked some famous yet, best cheap notebooks for fountain pens or markers for office or home use from all the available options. After reading the reviews of different notebooks that are specially designed for fountain pens, readers can get the best one without any issue.

However, the best practice is to do a lot of research by reading reviews on different sites. The above-mentioned notebooks will definitely give writers the best and memorable writing experience once they write something with their fountain pens.  Because, changing notebooks all the time is just a boring thing and for this, the article will surely help writers.