Best Paper for Digital Art Prints

If you are keen on displaying your artworks, graphics, or photography, then your concern for a top-quality paper is vital.  To preserve your work and to bring the best of your work, striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality is important 

A good paper is one that will showcase & transport the visuals while preserving them. Basically, the 1st and most important factor that an artist or photographer should consider while selecting the paper is the “paper type”. This is crucial because currently, digital art prints papers are available in different types to cater to the needs of diverse groups of artists. 

Best Paper to make your Digital Art Prints Standout

Printing your art on a printing paper

Are you planning to hold an exhibition to display your artwork?. If yes. Then you should definitely choose print papers.  If you plan to sell it online then again you need to exhibit your drawing skills on a printing paper. 

To do such you require a high quality paper and an inkjet printer. This inkjet printer uses  dye or pigment based inks. This pigment based ink produces a fine, high quality desired result. With an office printer one can never achieve the needed output but a photo printer can produce such result with best papers for digital arts. This article covers an extensive review on the papers which can be used to produce high quality output. To dig further here are a few answers to your question.

Why is a paper needed for digital arts?

Digital art is always fun to work with. But it does not give us the real feel until we touch it. So to have that utmost feel we print our work in a paper. Your piece art  can be digitally transferred from a screen to papers for printing.  

What papers are used for digital art prints?

Modern world has taken the place of papers. Yet, printing your result on paper makes it more sense. It always gives a sense of validation. To make your work more meaningful one has to use a paper. There are different kinds of paper like matte paper,glossy paper,copier paper and inkjet paper. These papers can also be used to print planners and calendars as well

How to print digital art?

Every artist tries his ideas in a paper and then transforms it digitally. While transforming the design, I personally follow three steps  and they are

  1. Using a clean white paper
  2. Refinig your sketch.
  3. Scaning and printing in high resolution.

Always printing digital art requires a printer with good ink and  Best Paper for Digital Art Prints

When to use coloring papers for printing?

An artwork or a drawing, or a posture or a pamphlet, anything can be printed in paper. One cannot restrict printing to be with black and white. A colour is a thing that brings joy and life. Then why not in printing. When  you want to print something with colours, then you can do it without any hesitation. You can choose any printer paper of your choice.

So, with a wide range of digital art print and photographic papers to select from, deciding on the paper is extremely tough, according to many artists. To make your work easy, I have come up with a review on the best paper for digital art printing.

The list of the best paper for digital art printing:

1. Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige A3 Plus White Inkjet Paper  CansonExcellentCheck
2. Epson Velvet Fine Art PaperEpsonVery goodCheck
3. Finestra Art Premium Matte Bright White Paper FinestraExcellentCheck

The Best 3 Paper for Digital Art Prints Reviewed:

Before moving ahead, I would like to mention that the selection of the paper is considered a very artistic and personal decision. Only artists can decide what type of paper will convey their thoughts and visions in a better way.  

1. Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige A3 Plus White Inkjet Paper  

Best Paper for Digital Art PrintsBest Paper for Digital Art Prints

This product comes in a great protective box having 25 A3+ sheets of smooth paper for photographic and fine art printing. This inkjet paper is free from acid-alpha-cellulose. 

Moreover, it has a coating of true barium sulfate in order to give the look of customary darkroom papers. This amazing paper gives great image sharpness, wonderful black visual density for colored and black & white prints along with a wide color range. 

In short, artists and photographers can rely on this worthwhile inkjet paper to meet the current requirements of ISO-9706. It is a heavyweight and dense paper that artists should consider buying in order to preserve their digital art prints properly. 


  • Durable and heavyweight paper 
  • Recommended for pigmented ink 
  • Compatible with various dye inks
  • Perfect for maintaining the digital art prints for a longer time 
  • Acid-free 
  • Can be used with any inkjet printer
  • Give outstanding results 

2. Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper 

Best Paper for Digital Art PrintsBest Paper for Digital Art Prints

An outstanding & acid-free cotton rag with a bright & smooth surface in order to give excellent and attractive color reproduction. This product has the greatest D-Max of different cotton papers & dries instantly. 

It is vital to share that all the photographers and artists who are looking for a flat surface along with the stiffness & durability of the mounted product should go with the Epson Velvet fine art paper.

 It is a well-known fact that photographers and artists need a range of media surfaces especially for professional work thus, the Epson velvet fine art paper will serve the best purpose. This paper always yields extremely saturated pictures while maintaining the required shadow and highlighting details. 


  • Museum quality 
  • Base is acid-free in order to preserve photos and fine art 
  • Pure cotton rag especially for long-lasting
  • Improved 1140dpi printing for top-quality output 
  • Give the best value for money 

3. Finestra Art Premium Matte Bright White Paper 

Best Paper for Digital Art PrintsBest Paper for Digital Art Prints

This type of paper is perfect for cards, photography, graphic & digital art reproductions, presentations, posters, CAD, and POS Signage.

 It has a bright white surface and is capable of holding even minor details quite well. It is important to mention that if single-sized prints are not helping the photographers and artists, then they can select this product as it can easily be printed on both sides. 

This paper is acid-free & 230gsm in weight. The Finestra art premium paper is compatible with pigmented and dye ink and it dries quickly.  The best thing is that the paper is available in sheets of different sizes. 


  • White matte finish that looks beautiful 
  • Acid-free 
  • Come with a lifetime warranty 
  • Can be cold or hot laminated 
  • Printable on both sides 
  • Recommended product for top-quality art prints 

With a wide range of options to choose from, it might be difficult for artists and photographers to make an informed decision. However, with any doubt, while selecting the desired product, personal preference plays a vital role. It totally depends upon the feel and look, artists want to get with their prints. However, in this section, I will help readers navigate the necessary factors that should be considered including. 

Buyer’s guide: How to Select the Best Paper for Digital Art Prints?

How to Select the Best Paper for Digital Art Prints? infographic

It is recommended to check the following things while getting the one. 

1. Weight 

The weight of the paper is always measured in GSM. At present, the majority of the digital art print papers have a suitable weight when it comes to professional printing. Sometimes, artists prefer heavy papers because it gives substantial feel and rigidity.  Printing papers with the right thickness will always produce perfect detailing in your artwork. 

2. Texture 

It also depends upon the personal preferences. Usually, smooth textured paper always looks better once shown under glass as compared to extremely textured papers. Moreover, smooth digital art print paper allows for outstanding contrast and details.

3. Matte 

Matte finish digital art print papers have a natural and smooth surface. It will also help emphasize various tones and colors while offering a realistic look for your art reproductions. Matte papers are highly recommended for printing photos. Matte papers always produce non-glare photos. Matte photo papers are non glossy  and they are not vulnerable to finger print  thus it produces a great result in printing artworks.

4. Coating

Papers for printing at times would be raw. And at times it would be uncoated. It is un coated to match the papers for printing.

How to make a good quality art print?

A good quality art print depends on many factors. The most crucial factor is the art in itself. It would be of great help if you polish your art. You need to bring your creativity. You need to visualize and understand the demands and needs of people. For making an art print, you also need a good piece of work, art papers, and printers.

There are many loose leaf papers which are of good quality as well.

In Spite of this technological invasion, the paper's role is here to stay with, especially in printing. While choosing papers for printing, one must always consider the coating of the paper, brightness, opacity, and weight.


Where to print digital art?

Digital art can be printed anywhere. All you need is a printer and Best Paper for Digital Art Prints.

What papers are good for print?

In Spite of this technological invasion, the paper’s role is here to stay with, especially in printing. While choosing papers for printing, one must always consider the coating of the paper, brightness, opacity, and weight.

How do I turn my canvas art into prints?

Turning a canvas art into print can be done quickly at home or in a shop. All you need is a printer and printing papers to transform your artwork from your canvas into prints.

Should art prints be glossy or matte?

Matte art prints make realistic prints. It retains the natural, whereas glossy art prints give us a feel of an art studio. A glossy art print is expected to have a shiny, silky and embossed look for your artwork.

Is giclee print worthy?

A giclee print is always worthy. Giclee is a French technical term used for a nozzle or a jet. A giclee print is considered valuable by artists all over the world to print their artwork. A giclee print produces high-quality output. Thus it is preferred by all.

How are fine art prints made?

 Fine art prints are made of archival inks. And the digital artwork is printed in acid-free paper. Any digital art can be printed with a fine art paper. An art stored in your camera, art stored in your computer, an art worked on with any software like Adobe Photoshop or illustrator can be used for fine art prints.

Is matte or glossy paper suitable for Christmas cards?

 A matte paper is always preferred over glossy papers for Christmas cards. Any photograph or any cards filled with photos can be printed with matte paper. Matte papers make the photo glow and long last.

What paper is used to print digital art ?

There are different kinds of paper, and there are also different sizes of paper. Sizes vary from A,A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6. . You can choose any printing paper according to your needs.

What is the difference between fine art paper and photographic paper?

There is a fundamental difference between a photographic paper and a fine art paper. A photographic paper does not produce the best result, whereas a fine art paper is expected to give the best effect. A photographic paper is made of a high percentage of acid in the paper. But a fine art paper has a lower rate of acid in the paper thereby it does make the artwork fade.


In the end, it can be concluded that nowadays photographers and artists can easily find a wide range of papers for digital art prints to meet different requirements.  However, selecting the best paper for digital art print is very straightforward. The above top 3 papers give the perfect balance of coverage, pricing, customer satisfaction, and quality. 

Moreover, artists can get fruitful results at extremely affordable prices. In short, the best paper allows them to maximize the profit margins. The best papers for digital art prints that are reviewed in this article are matter, smooth, & natural papers to give an incredible base for photographic and fine art reproduction. They all have amazing durability & contain no OBA that can easily harm the longevity of the digital art prints. 

Hopefully, this article has offered the required insight into selecting the best paper for digital art prints.