Best Drain Cleaners for Bathroom Sinks

Clogged drains & bathrooms are one of the biggest issues that the majority of households face on a daily basis. Fixing clogged bathroom sinks can be messy and difficult. Well, do not worry because drains or sinks can get dirty with the passage of time & even blocked at times. It could be a recurring issue especially for people living in extended families.

In order to address this issue, buying the best drain cleaner is important for keeping the septic tanks, pipes, and drains blockage free. Drain cleaner is considered one of the easiest and cleanest ways of cleaning & unclogging bathroom sinks. As compared to the plumbing costs, the drain cleaner is extremely affordable. The primary purpose behind buying the best drain cleaner for bathroom sinks is to clean blocked drains.

And, this can be accomplished by absorbing the useless contents causing the obstructions while draining all of them away. By doing so, people can easily restore the flow of their drainage system. With that said, below are the detailed reviews of the best drain cleaners for bathroom sinks that readers can purchase today to get the job done successfully.

Why drain clogging happens in the first place?

Why drain clogging happens in the first place?

Blocked Drains from Hair:

We’ve seen it all before, a build-up of hair that’s starting to clog your drain. Most times it’s a moderately easy task to simply ‘remove the hair’, but if it’s not cleared up straight away – it can cause a lot of issues down the line. Hair falling off the body in the shower or while getting ready over the sink and in the bathroom is one of the most common causes of blocked drains. But whilst it’s a common problem for many homeowners, there are ways you can fix your drain and put a long-term solution in place.

Blocked Drains from Grease Build-up:

Like hair in the bathroom, grease and fat will build-up in the kitchen sink over time. These fatty substances are a very common cause of blocked drains and pipes and can be a nuisance to clear out. Any grease or fatty substance that is washed down the sink will stick to the inside of the pipes and eventually build up to a point no liquid can pass through. It’s important to be aware that this grease doesn’t leave the pipes as easily as you would expect.

Blocked Drains from Toiletries:

As more people get into the habit of disposing of toiletries down the drain, bigger problems are being caused in our pipes and sewers. Nappies and baby wipes are the two common issue items known to block drains after being flushed down the toilet. Such items become immersed with water, they absorb the moisture and enlarge, quickly blocking access to water drains and pipes.

D.I.Y Unclogging at home:

Unclogging at home

If you have a clogged drain, a bent wire hanger is one option. “Use a regular wire coat hanger and straighten it out as much as possible,” James says. “Bend one end to create a hook, push it through the drain and start fishing.” After you pull out the hair and/or other substances, he recommends running hot water to help clear the drain.

Reviewed: The Best Drain Cleaner for Bathroom Sinks

The best drain cleaner usually depends upon two factors i.e. what drain is blocked & the reason behind this blockage. It is confusing to select the best drain cleaner for bathroom sinks. So, this article has compiled the list of the top-selling drain cleaners currently available in the market. Readers can rely on these drain cleaners to unclog the bathroom sinks & expect amazing results. 

1. Drano Gel Clog Remover

Best Drain Cleaners for Bathroom SinksBest Drain Cleaners for Bathroom Sinks

Whenever people think of the best drain cleaner, Drano is surely the 1st brand that comes to their minds. This universally recognized product is famous for a valid reason, i.e. it is perfect versatile drain cleaner that is affordable and effective, to boot. It is extremely safe to use on metal pipes, PVC, septic systems, and garbage disposals.

Its thick gel formula cuts over standing water easily, letting it dissolve the clogs quickly. It is vital to mention due to its aggressive formula, the Drano drain cleaner works perfectly on tougher clogs & soap scum along with organic things such as paper and hair.


  • Get the targeted job done perfectly
  • For added effectiveness, it is designed with the thick gel formula
  • Protect the drainage system and pipes against corrosion
  • Users can dispense it directly into the bathroom sink


  • Might not effective for treating large clogs

2. Domestos 15 Minutes Toilet Unblocker 

Best Drain Cleaners for Bathroom SinksBest Drain Cleaners for Bathroom Sinks

Specially designed for home use, the Domestos sink & pipe drain cleaner is considered as one of the best and effective solutions to unblock pipes and sinks along with blocked bathroom showers caused by soap, hair, scum, and food scraps. Furthermore, this unblocker gives added benefit in killing different germs while eliminating the nasty smells. It can unblock clogged sinks and drain in just 15 minutes.

This drain cleaner is extremely easy to use, just pour down the drain cleaner onto the targeted area i.e. bathroom sink & give it 5-10 minutes. Once completed, rinse out the drains and pipes with hot water in order to get the drainage system working perfectly and smoothly.


  • kills germs & eliminate nasty odors
  • Work perfectly on clogged pipes including blocked showers and slow-draining bathroom sinks
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Give the best value for money


  • Need some extra time for better outcomes

3. Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker 300ml

Best Drain Cleaners for Bathroom SinksBest Drain Cleaners for Bathroom Sinks

It is a well-accepted reality that slow draining water especially in the washrooms can be annoying but, it is all due to some same things such as sludge, hair, and soap. These wasters are continuously building up in the drainage system & if not taken care of properly can lead to complete blockage. Moreover, the buster bathroom plughole drain cleaner is specially designed for treating bathroom blockages.

It is made up of a well-made formulation that always works fast, dissolving hair and soap thus, leaving bathroom pipes flowing without obstruction. In order to apply, better to remove the standing water then, pour the whole bottle carefully down a plughole gradually while wiping away the residues. It is advised to leave for around 15-20 minutes or even overnight to get amazing results.


  • Simple & easy to use
  • Powerful and effective sludge, hair, and soap cleaner
  • If applied overnight, it will give better results
  • Targets washroom blockages


  • Requires extra time

FAQs: Answered the Best Drain Cleaner for Bathroom Sinks

Finding and selecting the best drain cleaner for bathroom sinks can be a little tough. It is always a challenging task to pick the right product depending upon the needs. Keeping this in view, the buying guide will help readers to go with the right product.

How to Select the Best Drain Cleaner for Bathroom Sinks?

There are numerous factors people can explore while selecting and purchasing the best drain cleaner for bathroom sinks including:

Type & Intensity of Blockage

It is recommended to check the level of severity along with the type of blockage because it will help people in highlighting how powerful the drain cleaner should be to get the job done successfully.

Drain Cleaner Type

Currently, there are several types of drain cleaner for bathroom sinks available in the market. It is better to evaluate the needs before selecting the one.


It is advised to get ongoing plumbing maintenance to keep the drainage system in a good condition. People can even use the drain cleaner on a daily basis to cut down the plumbing costs in a longer run.


Try to pick a drain cleaner for bathroom sinks that will not damage the pipes. In short, it is better to give due attention to quality instead of price.

Is it Safe to Use a Drain Cleaner for Bathroom Sinks?

Yes, completely safe but exceptions are always there. Due to the chemical nature, the best drain cleaner could be unsafe in that.

  • It can damage the kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Can burn the mucous membrane, skin, and eyes
  • It is toxic and thus, should never be consumed 
  • The generated heat can destroy the plastic pipes and PVC

Due to all these reasons, it is recommended to wear all the protective gear while using the best drain cleaner to prevent unforeseen damage.


In the end, it can be said that selecting the effective and best drain cleaner for bathroom sink is considered as the most important step when it comes to restoring the drainage system’s flow. In this article, I have reviewed the top 3 drain cleaners that have proved to give amazing results. Using the best drain cleaner for bathroom sinks will surely give people peace of mind while saving the plumbing costs. However, it is worth sharing that people should remain cautious while using the drain cleaner that they choose. if you have any office or home requirements, check out other articles on the website here.