The 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

Writing is a piece of art. For some, it might be a nightmare. You will never feel the same as writing with a high-quality fountain pen is like walking on the moon. To let your thoughts flow and  express your feelings strongly through words with others is foremost for a writer.

To make it more enjoyable and significant, one must understand to select the best ink for the fountain pen. It is worth mentioning that nothing can beat the amazing feeling of an extremely polished & best fountain pen nib.

 As the ink glides over the fountain pens, your thoughts glide smoothly over various sheets easily. I can understand the questions running your mind.

what is the Difference between Aqua, Turquoise and Teal color?

Difference between Aqua, Turquoise and Teal color

What is a fountain pen?

A fountain pen is a writing aid which helps you to write effectively. It has to be filled with fountain pen ink.

What is a fountain pen ink?

A fountain pen ink is a liquid made of dyes, water, and other additives. These fountain pen inks make you write smoothly. A fountain pen ink has to be filled inside the cartridge of the fountain pen. The ink passes through the fountain nib and makes the best fountain pen ink to use.

How is it different from other types of ink?

Ballpoint ink is an oil-based ink, whereas a fountain pen ink is a water-based ink. A fountain pen is preferable than a ball pen when you want to have extended-lasting  maintenance,good ink flow, and a neat presentation.A Fountain pen ink blends effectively and does not leave an impression behind the paper.

What is the purpose of a  fountain pen?

A fountain pen is a writing aid with a nib and a cartridge to store the ink. Fountain pens, in general, use water-based ink that blends with the paper easily. However, the majority of people do not understand the importance of having the best ink for fountain pens.

Currently, the best inks for fountain pens are available in a range of colors. But, in this article, I am going to share some useful information regarding the best turquoise fountain pen ink.

Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

 A list to consider the best turquoise fountain pen ink.

Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink for Fountain PensPELIKAN fine writingVery goodCheck now
Thornton’s Luxury Goods Fountain Pen InkTHORNTON’S Luxury goodVery goodCheck now
PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink  PILOTExcellentCheck now
Noodlers Ink 3 Oz Navajo Turquoise NOODLERSGoodCheck now
Lamy Bottle Ink, TurquoiseLAMYExcellentCheck now

Reviewed: The Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink  

There are numerous inks out there offered by different renowned brands. The best thing is that everyone can get the ink color of his/her choice. Moreover, every brand offers different properties and characteristics including, saturation, flow, dry time, smoothness & capacity to shade. In this guide, I have put together a list of 3 best turquoise inks for daily use.

1. Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink for Fountain Pens

The 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen InkThe 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

According to some people ink for fountain pens is outdated but I think it is fine-tuned with the passage of time. The Pelikan 4001 bottled turquoise ink for a fountain pen is German-made & has been around since 125 years ago.

This latest formula boasts luminous and deep results. The ink formula is simply amazing thus, it can protect both nib and fountain pen. Moreover, the Pelikan turquoise ink is capable of producing clear and smooth line definition while giving an even flow.

 In short, whether readers are penning a letter or a novel, they will surely love having Pelikan turquoise ink when it comes to putting permanence to the words.


  • Flow perfectly
  • Work nicely with Pelikan brand fountain pens
  • Never bleed
  • German-made
  • Good quality ink

2. Thornton’s Luxury Goods Fountain Pen Ink

The 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen InkThe 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

It is the luxurious & best product that can easily be used with the fountain pen of any brand. This ink cartridge offers excellent coverage while having a neutral PH.

Now, writers can enjoy smooth flow when it comes to effortless writing. The twelve ink cartridge has a plastic case that is re-closable to help preserve the shelf-life of the unused cartridges.

It is vital to mention that this amazing turquoise ink for fountain pen offers expression to various drawings or writings thus, considered perfect for taking notes in diaries or journals, calligraphy, & official business. No doubt, Thornton’s luxury turquoise fountain pen ink produces premium-quality results at an economical price range.


  • Dries fast & evenly
  • European
  • Highlighting inks
  • Saturated hues
  • Mess free and convenient fountain pen ink
  • It helps write easily & smoothly

3. PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink

The 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen InkThe 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

This brand has originated from Japan therefore, every ink designed by Iroshizuku is deeply inspired by the stunning natural beauty of Japan.

The PILOT Iroshizuku turquoise ink for fountain pens flows nicely due to being moist. Writers can truly enjoy the subtle and intense colors of Japan as they write down something.

 Here, I would like to mention that PILOT always makes incredible writing tools to fulfil the requirements of writers. This ink is a little costly but gives the best value for money.

 The ink bottle comes in an attractive glass bottle along with the divot at base. No doubt, the perfect ink for fountain pens due to density, color, & lubrication.


  • Premium design
  • Quality packaging
  • Silky smooth ink

4. Noodlers Ink 3 Oz Navajo Turquoise  

The 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen InkThe 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

This product is a collection of inks of different qualities and colors. These fountain pen inks are bullet proof, andor eternal, and freeze resistant. All these terms have different meanings such as bullet proof means that the ink is lightfast, bleach proof, water proof & gives an archiving effect whenever used on the paper.

Likewise, freeze resistant simply means that ink can stay in a liquid state once used in various freezing temperatures. This Turquoise fountain pen ink is long-lasting and beautiful.


  • Water proof
  • Long-lasting due to archival quality
  • Pure turquoise color
  • Made in America
  • Perfect color option for medium nibs

5. Lamy Bottle Ink,Turquoise

The 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen InkThe 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

The last product on this list is especially designed for those who struggled a lot in order to find a top-quality turquoise fountain pen ink with required intensity to match their words.

The majority of the writers all around the world truly enjoy the richness and diversity of the Lamy Bottle Ink. This turquoise fountain pen ink gives deep & penetrating tones.

 Apart from its great presentation, the Lamy fountain pen ink is also a top performer such as it dries fast and flows nicely.


  • Bright and eye-catching turquoise color
  • Non-clogging
  • Specially designed wide neck ink bottle
  • Highly recommended for beginners

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider before buying a fountain pen ink


An ink that flows through the nib should have good surface tension. It will look a mess if the ink flows too quickly through the nib. And if the ink flows slowly, it could cause trouble while writing. A wetter ink will give a natural flow through the flexible nib and enhance our writing.

Clogless ink:

Make sure that there is no clog or any suspended particles in your ink. The clog might disrupt while the ink is flowing, and it might not give you the desired results.A best fountain pen ink is a clog free ink.

pH level: 

The best ink for a fountain pen will always have a good pH level.The pH of ink usually ranges from 7.0 to 7.5. Make sure that your fountain pen ink bottle has this quality of ink.


A  fountain pen with broad nibs can encounter shading, which makes the fonts look thicker and widespread.


The most important part of fountain pens are nibs. Nibs determine the appearance of fonts in the paper. Nibs usually are three different sizes namely fine, medium, and broad. A pen with fine nib writes similar to a ballpoint pen.It delivers words with style and gives an artistic impression to the fonts used.A pen with medium nib makes the words appear bold and big. A pen with a broad nib makes the words appear wide spread  and heavy. The fonts with broad nibs appear thick.

Material content:

Fountain pen ink works best when it is placed in a fountain pen ink bottle.. A fountain pen ink bottle plays a great role in storing ink. The drums of fountain pens are at times made of plastic and at times made of metal. The quality of an ink depends also on the material used by the drum of a fountain pen.


The main important factor while buying a fountain pen ink is its colour. There are plenty of coloured inks available in the market. You can get any desired colour.

FAQs: Answered the Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

Selecting the best product is extremely important however sometimes, it becomes quite challenging to go with a single product.

When it comes to ink, apart from aesthetics, the article has considered well-known brands, material used etc. in order to describe the best one. But, some additional information is also required that is given below. 

How to Select the Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

As mentioned earlier, choosing the best turquoise fountain pen ink is a little tough. It is advised to consider the following factors while getting the right one.

  • Flow & consistency
  • Material content
  • Drying time & waterproofing
  • Saturation & color
  • Price

Is the fountain pen needed?

A fountain pen is really needed to write smoothly and effectively. It gives an enhanced look at our work. Fountain pens work great on notebooks and are favorite for regular writers.

Is smelling pen ink bad for you?

No, Smelling pen ink is not bad for you. However, if you are not comfortable with it, then go ahead with a fountain pen ink to eliminate such fear.

Is Fountain pen ink toxic?

A fountain pen ink, if swallowed, might not be a toxic one as it contains only fewer quantities of ink.I t might cause soreness in your mouth.

How to put ink in a fountain pen?

A fountain pen ink has to be put inside the fountain pen. It can be done with the help of an ink filler. Press the ink filler at the bottom. The compressed air sucks the ink. And now release the ink in the drum of your fountain pen.

How to refill a fountain pen ink cartridge?

A fountain pen ink  can be filled in a fountain pen ink cartridge by removing the cartridge and by using an ink filler, fill the ink in the cartridge and insert the cartridge back in the fountain pen. Now slowly the ink flows through from the cartridge and passes the nib. And now you can write smoothly.

How to clean  a fountain pen with dried ink?

Cleaning a fountain is not a rocket science. It is simple as it is. All you need is to unscrew the nib and empty the ink if it is available in the drum. If not, wash the drum of the fountain pen in water. Open a tap and clean it with running water. Then if possible remove the nib from the top and clean it. If you are not able to remove the nib then just use a bulb syringe to clean it. If you don’t have a bulb syringe, just blow the upper part of the fountain pen with your mouth.

How to make fountain pen ink?

You can make a fountain pen ink  with a  water soluble dye and water and very little amount of surfactant. Dissolve the dye in water and add very little amount of surfactant so that there is a proper surface tension maintained in the ink. Thereby resulting in not being too flowy. But making a fountain pen ink is not that easy. You need to follow standardised measurement. If you are not sure about it then try outThe 5 Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink

The final verdict on choosing the best fountain pen ink

Hopefully, the shared information will help readers whenever they purchase the best turquoise ink for fountain pens.

 No doubt, all the above-discussed luscious turquoise inks can give vibrant and amazing results. While the majority of writers are rightfully confused due to decorative nibs and fancy pens, it is highly recommended to give due attention to ink selection.

 If writers are looking for the perfect combination of performance and value then, they can consider buying anyone of the above-discussed products. Writers should feel free to start experimenting with the above best turquoise fountain pen inks in order to select their favorite one.