FoodSaver FM5200

The Vacuum sealer is becoming famous with each passing day due to being an advanced and important kitchen appliance. Preparing different meals is a time-taking & hectic job & in order to make this job easy, having the best vacuum sealer is the safest & perfect way of storing the food including leftovers for a longer time.  you might still have this question of How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Food Last? we answered it in detail here.

FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

If you are among those who are looking for the self-life extending and oxygen sucking vacuum sealer for preserving the food items, then you have arrived at the right place. With FoodSaver FM5200 automatic vacuum sealer, people do not have to splash their hard-earned money on low- quality vacuum sealers. 

With FoodSaver FM5200, you can preserve your favorite food items while keeping them safe, tasty, and healthy & saving a lot of money as well. It is worth mentioning that due to technological advancements, the food authorities are taking proper measures to eliminate the food wastage and spoilage globally. 

And FoodSaver FM5200 vacuum sealer is aimed to help eliminate food wastage, and due to this remarkable invention, the world is progressively moving toward decreasing the crises hunger. Keeping in view, this article will share useful information regarding FoodSaver FM5200 vacuum sealer to let readers make a wise decision while buying a vacuum sealer. 

FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

FoodSaver FM5200FoodSaver FM5200

It is a great technological invention to make the whole process of sealing food items extremely easy and hassle-free. It is specially designed for ensuring that food items are stored properly in airtight vacuum sealer bags hence, extending the shelf-life of the food. It offers a unique and perfect way of keeping the perishable food items fresh for a prolonged time. As compared to other processes of food preservation and storage, the FoodSaver FM5200 will keep food items away from wastage & spoilage five times longer. 

Features of the FoodSaver FM5200

Features of the FoodSaver FM5200

It is a high-end vacuum sealer from a well-known and reliable brand named FoodSaver. By offering incredible features and making particular changes, the FoodSaver brand has taken the FM5200 vacuum sealer to another level. The vertical and upright design of this vacuum sealer gives it a modern look. One of the best features of FM5200 food vacuum sealer is its extraordinary versatility. It features a cover-able handheld sealer to let users seal containers, zipper bags & other numbers of items that can be stored easily in the refrigerator. 

Moreover, the FoodSaver FM5200 vacuum sealer’s marinate mode is indeed a blessing for busy pals. This time-saving feature will allow users to marinate food items within a few minutes to enjoy healthy, tasty, and fresh food. As compared to other low-priced vacuum sealers, it features a cut bar & lower seal to make the process of sealing food very easy.

Most importantly, the FM5200 vacuum sealer gives consistent sealing because of dual-heat strips of sealing that will reach the required level of vacuuming to get airtight seals. For precise estimate & seal roll, the users can use its express bag feature. It will save time while reducing excessive wastage. Lastly, the FM5200 vacuum sealer comes with five years of warranty. 

Pros & Cons of FoodSaver FM5200 Vacuum Sealer

As everyone knows that each product has its own advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before buying the product. Therefore, this specific vacuum sealer has its own pros and cons, including:

How to Use FoodSaver FM5200 Food Vacuum Sealer

This product is a bit difficult to use but, once learned, it will become very easy for uses to get the best out of it. In order to begin the process of sealing, it is important to install a bag roll. Afterwards, turn on its power button while opening a lower seal & cutting the bar by simply pulling it forward. Insert the bag roll & push the roll in and for few seconds to let the roll placed securely in the allocated area. 

Now, users have to pull a bag roll to themselves directly towards the white line that is indicated on a vacuum sealer. Close its lower seal & cut bar. Carefully, turn its lever to an unlock option & pull a bag. In order to create the 1st seal, turn its lever towards the seal option. Afterwards, slide a bag-cutter diagonally to get the bag. After putting the food items inside the bag, do insert the opening side of a bag into the vacuum sealer’s drip tray while pushing and releasing a seal bar. Once you see that red lights are turned off, the bag will easily be released & become ready to serve users. 

There service is good and after sales is also reliable.

A user video demonstrating the usage:


In the end, it can be concluded that the FoodSaver FM5200 food vacuum sealer is considered the perfect effortless sealing of food items. It is also best for all those foodies who want to lock their favorite food items in freshness. This vacuum sealer is not just modern and stylish, but, it also works perfectly & efficiently while minimizing waste & reducing spoilages. The best part of the FoodSaver FM5200 vacuum sealer is that it is extremely easy to maintain and clean. It also comes with several accessories to help users get the best experience.  This product is considered one of the best vacuum sealers in the market.

No doubt, it is a substantial product with useful features & it is durable enough to provide users with years of truthful service. Its lightweight nature, along with easy operating procedures, always makes it a usable and recommended product for almost everybody. It is worth sharing that as long as users will remain careful while using it, i.e. sealing food items, they would not face any issues.