FoodSaver Vacuum Seal Roll 3 Pack

FoodSaver vacuum seal rolls, vacuum seal bags & containers are especially designed to work jointly with the FoodSaver vacuum sealer machines for keeping the food items fresh, tasty while eliminating waste & saving a lot of money. It is worth sharing that FoodSaver vacuum seal rolls can save the food items from getting wasted & makes them last for up to weeks. Made from durable and pliable material with BPA-free multilayer designed, the FoodSaver vacuum seal rolls will extend the freshness & lock in flavors by creating an airtight seal around edibles.

Moreover, this incredible seal roll does not just block oxygen, air, and moisture from getting into the bag but will also preserve the food items from mold, bacteria, fungus. The option of customized length is also given. It simply means that user have the option of cutting the seal roll to required length. Now there will not be any wasted material with FoodSaver vacuum sealer rolls.

FoodSaver Vacuum Seal Roll 3 PackFoodSaver Vacuum Seal Roll 3 Pack

Furthermore, the sealing strip of the FoodSaver roll gives an airtight and secure seal thus, ensuring that people can enjoy the original taste even after a few weeks. The food lovers can also consider buying it along with any vacuum sealer machines manufactured by FoodSaver if they do not have one currently.

In short, it can be concluded that using FoodSaver vacuum sealers and bags simply means that the bags are completely airtight to deliver consistent cooking outcomes while preventing floating throughout the sous vide cooking.

food saver storage vacuum bags


  • Top-quality rolls and bags
  • Easy to use
  • The rolls can resist tearing and puncture
  • Keep ingredients fresh and secure
  • Prevent floating of edibles
  • Economical and give the best value for money
  • Best for preventing freezer burns and food wastage


  • Rolls are bit heavy
  • Packaging needs improvement