How to Use a Vacuum Sealer

An extremely beneficial and awaited gadget has finally arrived to make the whole process of food preservation and storage natural i.e., Vacuum sealer. Nowadays, people are more conscious about the wastage of food thus, always striving for different time-saving solutions & no doubt, vacuum sealer has become a beneficial & handy appliance when it comes to preventing food wastage. Let us guide you in detail on how to use a Vacuum sealer properly and efficiently to save your self from freeze burns or wasting your vacuum sealing bags.

With today’s hectic & busy life, the demand for food preservation gadgets has also increased, and vacuum sealer is not an exception. It is an interesting thing about how today people don’t have to worry about keeping liquid and food items preserved for a long time, thanks to the inventors of vacuum sealers. 

Most of the time, people end up dumping their favorite food items & other edible things into the trash can. Why? Because some food items contaminated by micro-organisms and bacteria fast. In order to prevent this from happening again & again, it is better to get a vacuum sealer because a high-quality vacuum sealer will protect the food items & other liquids when people store them in a freezer by carefully vacuum sealing them. 

Moreover, a vacuum sealer is also a recommended appliance when it comes to extending the shelf life of spices, herbs, dried fruits, even flour, and sugar. In short, there are several good and valid reasons behind using the vacuum sealer. 

How to Use a Vacuum Sealer

How to Use a Vacuum Sealer | Vacuum sealing guide:

Using a vacuum sealer could be extremely easy, however, if users do not know how to use it, below are some simple steps that will help them to get the most out of their vacuum sealer because, if used properly & according to the provided guidelines, users can find it an indispensable kitchen appliance. 

Step# 1: Buy the Vacuum Sealing Bags

Before initiating the process of vacuum sealing, it is important to get some high-quality and durable vacuum sealing bags. Generally, these sealing bags are compatible with microwaves heating. So, users can just defrost any portion according to the requirements. Never reuse these sealing bags once used for raw meat or fish. Users can also buy oxygen-absorber sealing bags to get the rise of excessive oxygen, thus, making way for great storage and preservation of food items. Remember that all the vacuum bags are not the same.

Step# 2: Start the Vacuum Sealer

  • To start the vacuum sealer, connect it to a stable electric source & afterward press its power button. Now, the vacuum sealer is ready to use 
  • Once the signal light on the vacuum sealer is on, a display will direct that the sealer is now ready to seal the food items.

Step# 3: Adjust the Vacuum Sealer Time & Speed

  • Users can adjust the time and speed of the vacuum sealer depending upon the type of food item 
  • When users are ready to customize the above factors, they have to press a button, namely “Vacuum Level.”

It is important to note that the vacuum sealer has two levels of vacuuming i.e., low & high levels. Usually, the sealer, by default, works at a high level. Thus, users have to select a low level while vacuum sealing perishable and soft food, for instance, cakes, fruits, and vegetables. And of sausages or meat, the high level will serve the best purpose. 

  • Press the + or – button for adjusting the required sealing time. Additionally, the vacuum sealer allows users to adjust the welding time in 0-9 seconds. 

Step# 3: Complete the Vacuuming Process & Sealed the bag

  1. Firstly, put the selected food items into the bowl. 
  2. Place the opening side of the sealing bag in the right position of the welding bar to vacuum. 
  3. Now, close its safety latch. 
  4. To start the device, press the button, after welding the vacuum sealer will give out a signal so that users can open its safety latch. 

Step# 4: Complete the Process

  • It is worth sharing that in order to pause the process of vacuum sealing, users only have to press a button “Cancel.” If the sealing bag is completely vacuumed, users can put the bag into a refrigerator. 

Users can preserve or store their favorite food items by following the above-given steps. That will surely reduce the issue of microbes, insects, mildew, mold, & other non-friendly food organisms. Ultimately, users will be left with neatly wrapped food items. No doubt, using a vacuum sealer will be an easy and effective solution for helping people preserve or store food in a safer way without adding harmful preservatives. 

Vacuum sealer usage guide

Few Important Tips to be considered while Vacuum Sealing the Food

  1. Refrigerate the food items immediately after sealing in order to preserve the flavor & maintain the quality 
  2. Always freeze dry and liquids, grainy foods such as powders and spices before sealing because they can get sucked into vacuum sealer thus, damage it.
  3. Never vacuum seal the raw fish or meat. 
  4. Do not overfill the vacuum sealing bag. 
  5. Buy the sealing bag according to the model of the vacuum sealer and food items you are going to preserve.
  6. Remember to save your meat or food from freeze burn.

The recommended practice is to read the user guide carefully that comes with each vacuum sealer. you may be wondering how long the vacuum sealed food last in the fridge.

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