Best Window Films for Privacy

It is a well-accepted fact that windows are considered as an important part of any home because they allow required light in while taking care of people from hazardous things such as bugs & other annoying creatures. But here I would like to share that window film for day & night privacy can also ensure increased privacy in the home. Moreover, choices are certainly not limited to all those who put privacy at first.

Privacy matters a lot within the home, business, and office settings. When it comes to residential settings, this factor can make a huge difference & conversely privacy problems can lead to extreme discomfort & stress-causing homeowners to feel insecure within their personal living places.

In order to help readers select the best window for day and night privacy, this article is going to share the worth reading information concerning the most significant features of different privacy window films & listed the 5 recommended & popular ones.

Best Window Films for Day and Night Privacy

Reviewed: The 5 Best Window Films for Day & Night Privacy

Selecting the best window film for day & night privacy could clearly mean the difference between unnecessary glare & lack of required privacy or great UV ray protection & savings on the upcoming energy bills. The below-discussed window films for day and night privacy will cause the home or workspace to feel more secure and private to let people kick back & chill out in peace.

1. Rabbitgoo 3D Window Privacy Film

Best Window Films for PrivacyBest Window Films for Privacy

The best & highly recommended classic window privacy film that comes with amazing irregular patterns. It features a glue-free design in order to give maximum privacy and security. Apart from this, the purpose is to create a rainbow-like impression with the help of different patterns whenever the sun hits the window film.

With a great level of privacy, the Rabbitgoo 3D window film gives ideal privacy while giving people a personal room in the office, living room, bedroom, & so on. Additionally, it is also considered a heat-control vinyl window film that can retain heat especially during winters & block the extreme heat away in summers.


  • Removable and reusable
  • Great privacy protection
  • Block out 99% UVB and 84% UVA rays
  • Static cling and easy application
  • Economical & give the best value for money


  • It is quite transparent thus, not recommended for bathrooms

User Experience:

The majority of the users have recommended the Rabbitgoo 3D window privacy film due to its price and quality.  This window privacy film worked as described & extremely easy to install. It offers privacy while allowing the light to shine through.  Some users have commented that the window privacy film is made up of durable plastic thus, perfect for any home.

The only drawback is that it might lose stickiness with the passage of time.

2. LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon Window Tint Film

Best Window Films for PrivacyBest Window Films for Privacy

It also comes under the category of the best window film for day & night privacy that comes in a foot roll of 20”/100. The LEXEN 2Ply window film is scratch resistant while being capable of blocking 99% of UV rays. Furthermore, carbon pigments give superior color stability and heat rejection.

The window tint film is easy to cut and install, heat shrink & manipulate to fit different areas of auto glass people select. The best thing is that it can produce a highly clean look without any kind of hazing. Now, keep the sunlight out with this high-quality Window privacy film.  Additionally, the product gives superb Dry/wet shrinkability, privacy for color temperature. It also protects the vehicle’s interior.


  • Easy to apply
  • Work as expected
  • High quality & performance
  • Gives great heat rejection
  • Blocks 99% UV rays


  • Beginners need professional help in order to install the window film properly

User Experience:

Some users have found LEXEN 2Ply premium carbon window tint film perfect for vehicles or homes. The quality of the product is also great while being easy to handle and install. It is surely one of the best and handful of products well-known for continually offering amazing customer services. The film look and quality is top-notch as compared to other available products.

Well, no doubt this window privacy film is really good however, it is recommended to measure the windows before buying it.

3. CotonColors Store Window Film 3D 

Best Window Films for PrivacyBest Window Films for Privacy

This window privacy film is quite aesthetic in a reasonable & affordable price range. It can easily be installed in the drawing- room, bedroom, kitchen, office, and hotels. It allows users to protect their body health & life safety from damaged glass. It simply means that people can increase the glass strength while keeping the glass fragments firmly attached to the window film by its genuine shape without any deformation and splashing.

Moreover, it protects eyes and skin & prevents equipment from fading & aging by simply blocking out around 96% hazardous rays while filtering powerful lights. No doubt, the product is easy to fix, reuse, and remove.


  • Widely suitable for different places
  • Reusable
  • Work beautifully
  • Increased glass strength
  • Offer an immense amount of security and privacy 


  • The material is a bit hard

User Experience:

According to the users, it offers a superb iced finish to windows with added security highlights. The material is amazing according to the price. Moreover, it is absolutely beautiful to look & add the required privacy. The majority of users have recommended this window film to all those who are considering taking on an inexpensive, quick fix to their windows. Almost all buyers are extremely happy and satisfied with their purchase.

On the other hand, no proper user guideline is given.

4. Coavas Window Film Privacy Window

Best Window Films for PrivacyBest Window Films for Privacy

This product has become successful in transforming the window. It offers required protection from different outside glances. Due to the aptitude for security and privacy, the Coavas window can also be used in hotels, workplace, bedroom, & bathroom. Furthermore, it is capable of mellowing out the harsh rays by filtering a little amount of soft light while creating a soothing atmosphere.

The window film can also block hazardous UV light and protects the accessories & furniture from fading. The best thing is that users can apply the window film with the help of static clinging. There is no need to purchase expensive glues or adhesives.  


  • Different types of colorful privacy level
  • Reusable and recycled
  • Easy to install
  • Made of the good quality vinyl material
  • Heat insulation & preservation


  • Issue of air bubbles

User Experience:

According to the users, the whole process of installation is extremely easy. It just required water and soap to apply. Users can easily cut the window film into any shape depending upon the requirements.  The product worked just as expected. For some, it is indeed an inexpensive solution when it comes to sidelight windows.

However, according to a few users, it is quite tough to line up flawlessly which could leave unattractive lines.

5. Niviy Static Cling Non-Adhesive Window Film

Best Window Films for PrivacyBest Window Films for Privacy

This amazing product boasts privacy while stopping daylight & harmful UV rays.  The Niviy static window film is very easy to install & remains firm. It creates privacy & softly filtered light gives UV protection & heat insulation. The window film is perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, showers, offices, glass cabinet panels, and sliding glass doors.

Moreover, the window film can easily be combined or trimmed to fit windows of different sizes.  This window film also enhances beauty while its smooth finish can make cleanup extremely convenient. In short, the window film lets light in & balances privacy amazingly while looking stylish. It also allows people to enjoy a comfy life.   


  • Provide enough light and privacy
  • Easy to install & remove
  • UV resistance
  • No sticky glue
  • User-friendly


  • The product cannot hold up in extreme temperatures

User Experience:

The users truly liked the fact that the Niviy privacy window film can be applied in a few minutes. The trick is to use a lot of water in order to paste the window film on a glass surface. The window film has become successful in protecting the skin from direct sunlight. Apart from skin, according to the users, it also prevents the furniture from fading.

However, it is advised to measure the windows properly in order to get the right size.

Types of Privacy window films:

Window films are a great way to add privacy and security to your home. They can be used in many different ways, but they’re most commonly installed on windows that face the outside of your house or apartment building. There are several types of window film available today, from clear vinyls to tinted ones. Some offer UV protection while others block out harmful rays like UVA/UVB radiation. And some even have special features designed to keep you safe when it comes to burglars. Let’s take a look at what kind of window film is best suited for each type of application.

Clear Vinyl Film:

Clear vinyl window films come with no added coloration or other decorative elements. This makes them perfect if you want something simple and clean looking. The downside? You won’t get any additional benefits such as thermal insulation or energy savings. If you’re interested in adding privacy without sacrificing style, this may not be the right choice for you.

Tinted Vinyl Film:

These window films will usually feature a dark gray base layer which gives off an opaque appearance. Most people choose these over clear vinyl because they provide better visibility through the glass. However, they don’t really do much more than just make things darker inside your home. That means there’s still plenty of light coming into your room and making it easier for anyone who wants to see in. Plus, they aren’t very effective at blocking heat either. So unless you need privacy and safety combined with good lighting conditions, tinted vinyl might not be ideal for you.

Thermal Insulation Film:

Thermal window films typically use a semi-transparent material called polyurethane foam between two layers of plastic film. PUFs are made up of tiny air pockets that trap warm air close to the surface of the window where it can easily escape back outdoors. As long as the temperature stays below freezing, the film should stay intact. But once temperatures rise above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, PUFs start to lose their effectiveness. When that happens, the trapped warmth escapes directly into the surrounding environment. While this isn’t exactly a bad thing, it does mean that you’ll need to replace your window film sooner rather than later.

Anti-burglar Glass Film:

Anti burglar window films are specifically designed to stop intruders from breaking into your home by shattering the glass behind them. To accomplish this feat, anti burglar films employ various methods including using shatterproof materials and applying pressure points around the edges of the glass pane. Once broken, the shards scatter throughout the area creating a barrier that prevents would-be thieves from entering.

There are also specialty films that combine all three options mentioned here – thermal insulation, tinting, and anti burglary technology. For example, one popular option combines thermal insulation with anti burglar functionality.

Buying Guide: 5 Best Window Film for Day & Night Privacy 

Up until now, people have read a lot about the best window films for day and night privacy, they must be wondering what important factors should be considered before making a buying decision. There is a wide range of situations & criteria to be considered while selecting the best window film.

How to Select the Best Window Film for Day & Night Privacy?

Below are the few factors that I put into consideration while writing the reviews of the 5 best window films for day and night privacy.


It is surely the most important factor to be considered. Prospective buyers should have an understanding and basic knowledge of what they are going to accomplish by buying a window film for day & night privacy. Because there are different types of window privacy films depending upon the requirements. 


It is advised to go with a window film that can bear extreme weather conditions. This factor plays an important role when it comes to saving a lot of money. As there is no need to buy the window privacy film again & again.

UV Rays Blocking Power

It is worth mentioning that each window film for day and night privacy has a certain level of UV rays blocking capability such as ceramic window privacy films are 99% effective whereas, metalized, carbon, and dyed cannot give the required protection.  Therefore, it is important to buy the window privacy film with a high percentage of the UV rays blocking power.


Nowadays, window privacy films are available in a wide range of color options including blue, green, amber, and grey. People can also customize the desired look while instantaneously keeping cool & safe from hazardous UV rays. Moreover, colored privacy films just like their black window films counterpart, need to give UV, VLT protection & heat dispersion.

Easy Installation

It is necessary to select a window film that is easy to install and use. This factor is especially important for those who have never installed it before.

What are the Different Types of Window Films for Day & Night Privacy?

At present, window privacy films are available in the following types,

  • Metalized or metallic film
  • Dyed film
  • Carbon film
  • Factory film
  • Ceramic film

Is it Legal to Use a Window Film for Day & Night Privacy?

Well, it depends on the laws that are being imposed by every state concerning auto tints. It usually consists of the product’s VLT.  Few states will definitely fine or charge people if their window privacy films go below a certain VLT value.

What are the Advantages of Window Privacy Films?

A good quality window privacy film can offer the following benefits:

  • Give extra privacy
  • Help reduce the consumption of fuel
  • Keep furniture or other accessories from fading
  • Cut down brightness
  • Block Ultraviolet radiation
  • Boost glass security

How to Clean a Window Privacy Film?

It is advised to be very careful while cleaning the window privacy film. Never use sharp things or even harshly scrub the privacy films. Moreover, the medium-low water pressure should be used as high pressure can peel off the window film’s edges. Use a sponge or soft cloth in order to prevent different scratches while maintaining the product’s gloss finish & Ultraviolet rejection effectiveness.

What Actually Causes Few Window Privacy Films to Bubble?

I would like to share that if people install the window privacy films improperly, they might experience a bubbling effect. Thus, it is better to remove all the air bubbles and water between the film and glass, or else air bubbles will form due to sunlight.

How Long Does the Best Window Privacy Film will last?

A well-installed and good quality window privacy film can last longer, especially of its ceramic or metallic. It is recommended to carefully follow the user guidelines & select a premium-quality product.


In the end, it can be concluded that privacy is extremely important particularly in today’s busy world. There are different ways by which people can ensure that they maintain their right to remain safe & one of the best and safest ways is to install a window film for day and night privacy. A good quality window privacy film offers utmost protection against prying eyes & some can even protect from UV light and glare as well. All the above-reviewed window films for day and night privacy will surely make your house feel more secure and private.