Best Dip Pen Nibs for Drawing

Drawing or calligraphy is considered as one of the best & incomparable forms of art that demand a lot of practice & advanced skills. This type of art is generally seen on canvases, stones, & many other surfaces (but of glass writing, you need special markers). The majority of the people consider drawing as a hobby whereas others take it as a profession. In order to bring happiness & colors in life, one cannot ignore the role of art.

Well, whether you are a dabbling painter or an expert illustrator, shopping for art accessories is surely an amazing experience. It is advised to invest money in top-quality and worth buying tools for obtaining exceptional results. Even though contemporary pens are dominant in this age & day, there is always a special place for traditional writing tools beyond sentimental fascination just like Dip pens.

Best Dip Pen Nibs for Drawing

What is a Dip Pen?

This pen has a handle made of plastic, metal, or wood & a metal nib. Dip pens do not contain ink reservoirs therefore, users have to dip it into an inkstand. In short, it has two parts, i.e. the nib and a handle.  Moreover, usually, dip pens come with a huge range of nibs to allow for particular line work. Dip pens are quite famous among calligraphers, illustrators, and cartoonists. 

How to Clean or Maintain the Dip Pen Nib?

It is advised to clean the nibs’ right after using them in order to prevent rust and clogging. A recommended practice is to gently stab the nibs into dishwashing paste & afterward clean them with an old paintbrush.

Some examples of dip pen writings:

Some examples of dip pen writings

This article will be focusing on the best dip pen nibs for drawing to help artists make a wise choice.

Reviewed: The Best Dip Pen Nibs for Drawing

The selection of the best dip pen nibs depends on the personal taste and style of drawing. With a wide range of options available, selecting and buying the perfect product is a little complex. Therefore, it is important to do some research in order to learn more about the various types of products because, at first glance, the best nibs for dip pens might look the same but they always vary in size, build, material, and shape.

1. Speedball 30710 10 Dip Pen Nib Assorted Set

Best Dip Pen Nibs for DrawingBest Dip Pen Nibs for Drawing

This set is specially crafted for the finest steel & has been around since 1899. The Speedball dip pen nib is considered best for lettering, drawing, and calligraphy. The whole consists of ten hand-crafted dip pen nibs. Moreover, the nibs are carefully designed with reservoirs to let artists enjoy the uninterrupted flow of ink. It comes in 3 styles namely A, B, C.

Each style serves its own purpose such as A style features a square dip pen point & is good for black & poster supernatural letters, decorations & designs, and ornamented borders. B style is perfect for making Roman supernatural alphabets, display posters & borders, and continuous line drawings. Whereas, C style dip pen nibs are recommended for Italic alphabets, Roman alphabets, scripts, and scrolls.


  • Premium-quality dip pen nibs
  • Available in 3 different series
  • Whole set is best for trying several nibs
  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • Reasonably-priced

2. Trustela Office Supplies Dip Pen Nibs

Best Dip Pen Nibs for DrawingBest Dip Pen Nibs for Drawing

Another great product that consists of an 18 top-quality dip pen nibs. These nibs can easily be used with a fountain pen, ink pen, quill pen, feather pen, and a calligraphy pen. Trustela office supplies dip pen nibs are easily designed by the finest & professional craftsmen. Moreover, the set of feather pen nib features an amazing variety of calligraphy, and drawing nibs particularly for beginners. Whereas, the nib set for fountain pens comes with various types of cool nibs that can be used for several styles of calligraphy and drawing.

It is vital to mention that according to Trustela office supplies, all these nibs are of the highest quality in order to ensure a comfortable & smooth writing experience. Dip pen nibs give an unforgettable experience of calligraphy writing. Finally, each piece comes with a protective coating therefore, it is advised to follow all the given guidelines carefully to use the product in a safe way.


  • It comes with protective oils to prevent rust
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Well-made
  • Great variety
  • Give the best value for money
  • A complete assortment of various nibs


  • Little bit extra thin

3. Speedball Sketching Pen Set

Best Dip Pen Nibs for DrawingBest Dip Pen Nibs for Drawing

This product has been designed & manufactured by Howard Hunt Pen Company . Renowned globally for the quality, their pens are considered the best choice for skilled calligraphers, aspiring students, and scribes. Speedball Sketching Pen set is perfect for cartooning, writing, drawing, and sketching.

The whole set consists of six high-quality nibs that can produce a wide range of textures ranging from long, flowing lines to scratch.  This product also features a protective lacquer in order to prevent tarnishing. In short, the whole set offers a good range of nibs along with an extremely serviceable & workmanlike nib holder.


  • Fine & scratchy
  • Gives a delicate, fine line
  • Smooth & flexible nib
  • Perfect for quick drawings


  • Packaging needs Improvement

Best ink for dip pen drawing review:

Parker 1950375 Quink Ink Bottle

Best Dip Pen Nibs for DrawingBest Dip Pen Nibs for Drawing

The deeply saturated colors and a smooth-writing formula combine for a luxurious writing experience. An elegant and trusted choice

Best paper for dip pens

Strathmore 500 Series

Best Dip Pen Nibs for DrawingBest Dip Pen Nibs for Drawing

Strathmore writing paper delivers the ultimate Handwriting experience for dip pens

FAQs: Answered Best Dip Pen Nibs for Drawing

Simply put, selection of the best dip pen nib for drawing for artists always depends on the drawing type or style they are planning to learn. Apart from this factor, it is extremely crucial to understand some other things before buying any product & start investing money on different dip pen nibs that are specially crafted for drawing.

Some Other Important Tips:

  • Always use lint-free and smooth paper because the rough and poor-quality paper will damage the dip pen nibs.
  • Vinyl and art gum erasers are perfect for removing all the pencil lines on different inked work.
  • The best way of learning something new is to do experiments. Dip pen nibs are quite easy to use & extremely versatile.
  • Remove all the manufacturer’s oils before using the dip pen nibs for the 1st time
  • Never apply excessive pressure
  • properly store the nibs
  • Clean them regularly during & after use

How to Select the Best Dip Pen Nib for Drawing?

Well, it is necessary to pick the right and good quality dip pen nib especially if you are a newbie. Using a dip pen nib that is very flexible & difficult to handle could put users off & leave them thinking that what they are doing. Apart from this, do consider the size, material, and shape.


Hopefully, the readers have found that useful at explaining some of the best dip pen nibs that are currently available in the marketplace. If you are just planning to start your drawing journey then, I would recommend drawing with 1 or 2 dip pen nibs for getting a smooth and comfortable start, then, practicing on 1 & sticking with that. Because this is the best way of knowing how the dip pen nib works & how to control it.