Best Sketchbooks for Copic Markers

The majority of the artists love Copic markers as they can easily create different types of unique artwork and effects. Sketching is considered one of the best forms of art and it is from where most artists start their work. Moreover, the best way of practicing art is to get a good quality sketchbook. If artists have a passion for coloring or drawing using markers, they probably understand the importance of a sketchbook that has to be durable and bleed-proof.

At present, there are numerous sketchbooks available in the market. In this article, I handpicked the worth buying sketchbooks for copic markers. Before investing money on a sketchbook for copic markers, it is advised to do some thorough research depending upon the needs and preferences. Because in this way, one can get the right product.

Best Sketchbooks for Copic Markers

Reviewed: The Best Sketchbook for Copic Markers

Copic markers are perfect for blending, shading, & remarkable vibrant color. The best sketchbook for copic markers should have smooth pages considerably white. In my analysis of different sketchbooks, I have compared the thickness, quality, and durability of each product. After reading the article, art lovers can pick the best sketchbook according to their needs and preferences.

1. illo Sketchbook Fair and Square

Best Sketchbooks for Copic MarkersBest Sketchbooks for Copic Markers

This sketchbook is getting famous with each passing day because it is regarded as the best sketchbook when it comes to alcohol-based markers. This sketchbook consists of 112 pages along with extra features such as elastic band, back pocket, & a bookmark.

It lets users keep their drawings secure with a durable & premium-quality cover that is made with an anti-slip, soft- touch, PU leather. Moreover, it has square dimensions for easy sharing on different social media platforms without awkward cropping. It is worth mentioning that this sketchbook is perfect for several art mediums such as inks, pens, pencils, markers, and pastels.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Heavyweight paper
  • Perfect square
  • Hardcover
  • Perfect for various dry medias
  • Lays nice & flat
  • Well-built


  • May bleeds with too much pressure
  • Not recommended for watercolors

2. Moleskine Art Sketchbook

Best Sketchbooks for Copic MarkersBest Sketchbooks for Copic Markers

This amazing Sketchbook for copic markers consists of 104 premium-quality pages. From sketch pads and sketchbooks to music notebooks having pentagram and plain pages to watercolor notepads with heavy papers, to storyboard draft notebooks, Moleskine brand has a lot to offer.

This particular sketchbook for copic markers will allow users to hold their writing notes and projects in one place with a flexible closure band and internal storage folders. In other words, it can be said that Moleskine Art sketchbook is probably one of the best products currently available & extremely famous among visual professions, designers, architects, and artists. With acid-free papers & a durable cardboard cover, this sketchbook is highly portable.


  • Will help art lovers to flourish their creativity
  • Has top-quality sketch-grade paper
  • Strong enough to bear frequent erase use
  • Highly recommended for tempera colors, sketches, and on-the-go drawings
  • Portable & lightweight

3. Crescent Creative Products Hardbound Sketchbook 

Best Sketchbooks for Copic MarkersBest Sketchbooks for Copic Markers

It is another worthy product for all the artists out there who want to show their illustrations in a perfect way. They can apply the hardest strokes easily while adding several layers simultaneously. It is worth sharing that this remarkable sketchbook features a smooth and revolutionary paper that will not have ink bleeding when it comes to copic markers.

Indeed it is a professional quality sketchbook with durable and soft-touch cover. The rendr no-show thru technology will allow artists to use both sides of each paper.


  • No bleeding
  • Can bear heavy pressure
  • Perfect with acrylics, pencils, and markers
  • Two-sided acid-free sheets
  • Compact size
  • Give the best value for money


  • No hole for effortless tearing
  • Few may not prefer the transparent cover

4. Leda Art Supply Sketchbook for Artists

Best Sketchbooks for Copic MarkersBest Sketchbooks for Copic Markers

This premium-quality sketchbook designed by Leda Art supply is considered a great option for copic markers. It features a waterproof, flexible cover and is also compact & portable. Moreover, it has an expandable pocket to store loose pages, notes, images, & other important items along with an elastic band.

This particular product is available in three different sizes i.e. small, medium, and large. It also uses a sewn binding thus, making an ideal choice for animators, writers, artists, and draftsmen. It features a faux leather cover to give all-weather protection in order to protect the sketches.


  • Great for carrying around
  • Thick pages with a versatile surface
  • Compact & portable
  • Convenient internal pocket
  • Good for different medias


  • May bleed through easily through the pages

FAQs: Answered the Best Sketchbook for Copic Markers

Some people take sketching as a form of journaling or relaxation while others consider it as an important way of creating memories of the trip. The best sketchbook for copic markers should be bought after considering the following factors.

How to Buy the Best Sketchbook for Copic Markers?

Some art lovers prefer drawing the sketches & stick with different dry media whereas others prefer painting on sketch pads.  In order to decide that which sketchbook will serve the best purpose for copic markers, it is advised to look at judging criteria including the following,


The size of the sketchbook always depends upon personal needs and preferences. Some artists create small formats and some large. Therefore, the sketchbook should be selected after considering the painting requirements.


If artists prefer the sketchbooks that always lie flat then, glue-bond or spiral-bound sketchbooks are perfect for them. However, hardbound sketchbooks are more durable.

Skill Level

There is no need to invest a lot of money on a costly sketchbook if you are just a beginner. However, professional artists should buy something with a high-weight of paper and more texture in order to deal with extremely complex drawings easily. 


No doubt, quality matters a lot. Because, when people draw using the copic markers, they may bleed down. But, this would not be a case with top-quality sketchbooks.


If artists love to make sketches for friends or family then, they should consider buying a sketchbook/sketch pad with perforated pages in order to tear them out effortlessly.


I would like to say that artists can find a wide range of good-quality sketchbooks for copic markers but, it is not only about the durability or quality in fact, it is all about the personal preferences and sketching requirements. It is worth sharing that the best sketchbook for copic markers is surely the one that allows artists to create their best pieces of art. For beginners, selecting the best sketchbook might look difficult but after doing some research it will be easy to purchase a pocket-friendly yet good-quality sketchbook.